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Amid the screams, a compromise. Isabel Díaz Ayuso starts the control session of her Government this Thursday, firing headlines that prevent the debate from focusing on her management. One: “Asking a communist to understand economic data is like asking a Neanderthal to understand the internet.” Two: “They are going to try to ban buying Phoskitos in exchange for smoking joints.” Three: “They are the most anti-democratic and backward left in Europe.” The regional president is giving a master’s degree on how to divert focus to avoid answering uncomfortable questions, when she changes third. And order to stop. To one side and another. Right and left. To Vox and More Madrid. For both of them it has the same message, this time focused on its competences: it is not willing to repeal the LGTBI laws of the region, as the extreme right, its budget partner, demands.

“Stop collectivizing homosexuals and transsexuals, we are not going to repeal any of these laws,” proclaims in the regional Chamber Díaz Ayuso on the Law of Identity and Expression of Gender and Social Equality and Non-Discrimination, and the Law of Comprehensive Protection against LGTBIphobia. “They politicize the modification, not the suppression, of these laws,” he insists. And before the controversy over the parliamentary roll that PP and Vox are applying with their majority in the Assembly, he defends: “We are in a democracy, and these parliamentarians [señalando a los de Vox y a los del PP] we have all the right in the world to reform laws, to repeal them, and to continue working with our parliamentary majorities as we deem appropriate ”.

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The plenary session of December 16 will debate the admission (or not) of the Vox equality law, which includes a provision to repeal the two LGTBI laws. The PP has not yet resolved whether it will vote in favor of keeping the text alive in the Chamber, but it does have one thing clear: if it does, it will use the procedures of the corresponding commission to remove that clause from its content.

In parallel, the conservative formation offers Vox to negotiate a modification of the two laws focused on specific points. For this, magistrate Enrique López, counselor of the Presidency, is already working, who is in charge of detecting writing deficits, and also of seeing if it is possible to articulate the talks of LGTBI groups in schools in another way, according to a government source. In addition, two articles are known (one in each regulation) that both formations would like to eliminate, although the Vox list is much broader, according to a party source.

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These are article 48 of the Law on Gender Identity and Expression and Social Equality and Non-Discrimination, and article 66 of the Law of Comprehensive Protection against LGTBIphobia. Both make explicit the reversal of the burden of proof: they oblige the defendant to discriminate to provide a justification for what happened with “reasonable, well-founded or proven facts or indications.” The mere possibility of modifying them provokes a fiery protest this Thursday in the Chamber by Más Madrid.

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“He’s going to mutilate the region’s LGTBI laws at night and treachery,” said Mónica García, leader of the opposition, to Díaz Ayuso. “[En Madrid] we are going to give the note for the first setback in rights and freedoms in decades. It’s a big mistake ”, he complains. “It is not just a frontal attack on LGTBI people. It is putting in danger a little bit of the best spirit in Madrid: that of freedom, that of Pride ”, he continues. And he concludes: “It does not target only one law, it targets our values. Equality can neither be mutilated nor abrogated. Love cannot be mutilated or abrogated. You will have all the citizens of Madrid in front of you. If they touch a single comma and a single point of this law, they touch all of Madrid ”.

More Madrid urges the Government of Pedro Sánchez to approve a national LGTBI law that serves as an umbrella for Madrid’s regulations. Meanwhile, in the Assembly, the right has pressed the legislative accelerator. This Thursday he approved a reduction in personal income tax that mainly benefits the highest incomes. The next one, in all probability, will carry out the elimination of regional taxes, which represent 0.02% of the collection. And at the end of the month, the PP and Vox will culminate the most productive month of the Assembly since Díaz Ayuso came to power, in 2019, carrying out the first Budgets of the region in two years.

After the mountain pass of economic regulations, the vertigo of a descent full of curves will arrive: the PP and Vox want to accelerate the approval of the educational law with which they aspire to neutralize the new state regulation (the Celaá law), which could arrive in February, while they negotiate the modification of the LGTBI laws. There are elections in 2023, and both parties want to arrive at the polls loaded with reasons.

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