Ayuso, his alleged live espionage

The alleged espionage of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has provoked a total war in the PP with crossed accusations between the party’s leadership and the president from Madrid, which has already had its first consequences. After the president of the Community of Madrid accused the national leadership of the PP of hatching a plan to destroy it, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, announced the opening of an informative file to Ayuso and the general coordinator in the Mayor’s Office of Madrid, Ángel Carromero, has resigned.

“I never imagined that my party would act in such a cruel and unfair way against me.” Ayuso assured in an appearance without questions after several media outlets have published an alleged espionage by the national leadership of the PP to his brother as a possible beneficiary of commissions for a public contract.

The PP’s response has been to open a file for what it considers “almost criminal” attacks, a campaign of “lies, slander and insults” against Casado and the party’s national leadership not to clarify the suspicions of irregular contracts. The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egeahas warned that legal services are studying the case and they reserve to take legal action.

The leaders of the PP have already begun to position themselves with the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, or Pablo Casado. Something that has moved to Génova street where supporters of Ayuso gathered last night to request the resignation of the party leader.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, last minute of the crisis in the PP for her alleged espionage


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    Montesinos has admitted that “these are not easy hours”, but adds, “the PP has had difficult times and knowing that our objective is to serve the attention of the Spanish, we are not going to deviate from what our priority is.”

    The PP Deputy Secretary of Communication has insisted on denying that there has been espionage or preparation of a dossier, and that the PP’s national leadership has limited itself to requesting information directly from Díaz Ayuso.

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    “Within the framework of the presumption of innocence, we want to hear Díaz Ayuso’s explanations,” said Pablo Montesinos, who told RNE that the statements made by the Madrid president “were not correct“.

    “It is indisputable that we are not giving the best image of the party at this time, but the party continues to work on that alternative for the Spanish”, added Montesinos.

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    Montesinos says, when asked about the reasons for Carromero’s resignation: “Yesterday I listened to Angel Carromero’s explanations, he issued a statement, go ahead […] explained that he was submitting his resignation to the mayor to defend himself but he considered and said emphatically that it was false that he had carried out any directive in an alleged espionage to the president of the Community of Madrid”.

    The PP Deputy Secretary of Communication insists on RNE: “No guidelines have been given by the party’s national leadership to prepare any dossier or to hire any detective, what has been done is to gather information from Díaz Ayuso.” Asked if the information comes from Moncloa, as Díaz Ayuso stated in his appearance, he said: “It is false“.

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    “Yesterday that informative file was opened and I want to convey to all Spaniards that the PP is very clear that we are an alternative government that we have to do this work of opposition, firmly responsible,” he added.

    When asked about why they did not go to the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the information from alleged commissions, he said that they wanted to obtain information from the Madrid president Díaz Ayuso. “We asked him to provide the documentation but it is completely false that the party’s national leadership […] will carry out any dossier or claim to any detective of any kind against President Isabel Díaz Ayuso”.

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    The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, in Las Mañanas de RNE: “The first thing that is indisputable is that these are not being easy hours, no one is unaware I understand the astonishment of a good part of our affiliates, voters […] even the anger of a part of our affiliates and what we convey with humility is that this management has done what it had to do […] gather information, in contact with Díaz Ayuso, that documentation was not given to us, and we received that campaign of attacks on the party’s national leadership”

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    The former parliamentary spokeswoman for the PP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, last afternoon called for the resignation of the party’s president, Pablo Casado, due to the open crisis between the national leadership and Díaz Ayuso. At the presentation of his book “Politically undesirable” at the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation in Seville, Álvarez de Toledo said that what the PP has experienced is probably “the greatest crisis, certainly the most absurd and unprecedented in history of the People’s Party”.

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    García Egea, for the moment in charge of publicly answering the Madrid president from the Genoa headquarters after Ayuso harshly charged the national leadership of the PP, announced that the legal services of the party are studying if legal actions proceed against the president of the Community of Madrid before the “very serious, almost criminal accusations” against President Pablo Casado and the national leadership.

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    The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has not yet spoken publicly about the crisis in the party, but he will do so this morning, in an interview at 9:05 in Cope, after the statements that the Madrid president directly accused to the direction of “unfair” treatment and “manufacturing corruption”. The general secretary, Teodoro García Egea responded in an appearance in which he accused Ayuso of making “almost criminal” actions and announced an information file to Ayuso.

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    The alleged espionage of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has caused a crisis in the Popular Party that has already had its first consequences. After the president of the Community of Madrid accused the national leadership of the PP of hatching a plan to destroy it, the coordinator in the Mayor’s Office of Madrid, Ángel Carromero, has resigned from her.

    Carromero himself, who was secretary of New Generations in Madrid and a person close to Pablo Casado’s circle, has assured, in statements to Efe, that he resigns from the position to defend himself from everything they have said about him “without compromising the Madrid City Council “.

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    Good Morning! This is the minute-by-minute account of political news one day after a total war began in the PP with cross accusations between the party leadership and the Madrid president, for the alleged case of espionage on the brother of the Madrid president as a possible beneficiary of commissions for a public contract.


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