Ayuso asks “no longer to delay” the PP Congress in Madrid

In full electoral hangover for the elections in Castilla y León, the PP Congress in Madrid has returned to the scene after an apparent calm within the party. This Tuesday, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has asked not to delay the call so that “the voice of the affiliates” can be heard. That yes, she has done it in a conciliatory tone, pointing out that her purpose is not to “pressure” the leadership of the PP but so that the illusion of the region, which was seen on 4M, “does not stop”. From Genoa, however, they have urged not to “get nervous” with the date of the conclave and have warned that this is not the time for “personalism”.

“It is not a matter of getting ahead of anything, but above all that it does not stop delayingthat the voice of the affiliates not continue to be delayed, and that the illusion of the voter in Madrid does not stop, that the party soon be made available to Pablo Casado because that is his home, his constituency”, declared Ayuso in his speech At the informative breakfast, organized by the New Economy Forum, Ayuso has called the conflict with the national leadership of the PP over the holding of the regional conclave, which Genoa calls for June but the Madrid president wants it to be as soon as possible, a “congress of yore”.

It was precisely his ‘number two’, the Minister of Education, Science and Universities and spokesman for the regional government, Enrique Ossorio, who this Monday in an interview in telemadrid He called for Congress to come forward. According to the Madrid president, her proposal is not going to be “pressing on anything or asking for anything, just let the organization work, move on, accepting what the affiliates freely decide”. And he has denied that it is “nothing against” the party, “but in favor of the PP” because he wants them together to “change the Government of the Nation and that the PP urgently take the reins” .

At the end of the event, asked by journalists if May would be a deadline for holding the congress, the president indicated that “when possible”. “I wish it was soon,” she has reiterated her. As for whether she will transfer her request this afternoon to the Executive Committee of the party, she has stated that she has not decided yet and that it will be “later” when she does.

The PP leadership urges not to “get nervous”

In response to Ayuso’s request, the PP’s deputy secretary of Organization, Ana Beltrán, has called on the president of the Community of Madrid to deal with the “internal issues” related to the Madrid PP congress within the party and not “get nervous” because the leadership of the party, as it has underlined, knows when that conclave “has to be held” and follows the calendar approved by the National Board of Directors of the PP.

In statements to Europa Press, Beltrán has indicated that the PP “continues with its congress roadmap approved by the Board of Directors” and has confirmed that in this first semester the pending congresses will be held, first the multi-provincial ones — only the one in Extremadura is missing — and then the uniprovincial ones, where the one in Madrid is located. In addition, he has affirmed that the PP of Madrid “It has worked and continues to work perfectly” and he is “well oiled and motivated”, carrying out “numerous actions at street level”. “This is not the time for personalism but for everyone to be united”, he has stated.

In this sense, he criticized the fact that the PP congress in Madrid refocused the news focus and stressed that “nobody is interested in dealing with this matter”, reiterating once again that “internal issues are dealt with internally”. Beltrán has not specified when the dates of the pending regional congresses of the PP will be known and has stressed that “the elections” of Castilla y León have just passed”, adding that this process must be carried out “with a little order”.


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