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Medvedev and Nadal shake hands after the Australian Open final.
Medvedev and Nadal shake hands after the Australian Open final.Andy Brownbill (AP)

As a competitor, Daniil Medvedev was an example because he did not make a single face at Nadal, nor did he reproach himself for anything or raise his voice in the match, no bad gesture or despair in times of trouble, just the enjoyment of trying to win accompanied with some fist in the air as a restrained celebration. But another thing is that they lost their manners, also an audience that since he entered the stadium dedicated whistles to him. He argued with the chair umpire, frowned at the ball boys and insulted the fans to end up belittling the organization of the tournament. “I am going to start with the story of a boy who dreamed big. When I picked up my first racket at the age of six, he dreamed of the biggest stages. But today, that child has stopped dreaming”, resolved the Russian, annoyed by the attitude of the fans who paid the ticket to see the Australian Open final and disliked him. “If there has even been a time when a child has said my name and the stands have told him to shut up,” Medvedev lamented.

The tense relationship, however, came from the previous duel, during the semifinals against the Greek Tsitsipas. It turns out that in that match, Medvedev lost his nerve and education before the Spanish chair umpire Jaume Campistol, because he understood that he allowed his rival’s father to give him advice from the stands when it is something that is prohibited in all tournaments except in the Davis Cup, when the coach is on the court. “His father is talking about every point. Why can he speak he every point? You are an idiot? Look at me, I’m talking to you! How can you be so bad and be refereeing a Grand Slam semifinal? ”, The Russian snapped, who apologized at the end of the match. But in the final against Nadal he also had them of all colors.

During the first two sets, although they surreptitiously whistled at him, Medvedev held his own. But when the public, wishing that the match did not end in three sets, clearly positioned themselves with Nadal, nerves surfaced. Especially when, after missing an easy ball, the fans celebrated the point. Something that the unwritten rules of behavior of tennis and sport point out as rude because the opponent’s failures are not celebrated but the successes are applauded. At that moment, the Russian’s ironic response was to applaud the audience with his racket and a crooked smile. And, moments later, while he was changing his shirt in one of the field exchanges, he addressed the chair umpire and harshly criticized the reaction of the fans: “Empty brains… your lives must be very bad! ”. It was not, however, the only time he addressed the chair umpire.

It happened that the public drove him crazy because he shouted every time that he failed the first service and before he executed the second. Fed up, he tried to stop it. “You have to do more than ‘please’, and say it as many times as necessary. I think that’s enough, right? This is a Grand Slam final”, he repeated acidly to the chair umpire, who did so on a couple of occasions after the Russian complained that he was right.

What he did lack was patience and understanding, to the point that he regretted it after the shower and in front of the media. “I started watching tournaments on TV, then I played tournaments in Russia, I went to Europe and the Olympic Festival with 2,000 people watching it. I dreamed of big stages. As a junior, you see the pros. That is the moment when you dream of being on these stages… But this final is one of the moments in which the child stopped dreaming”, said Medvedev, who also got a scare when a fan jumped onto the track with a banner that read: “Abolish refugee detention”, alluding to the prominence that the Serbian Djokovic gained, in contrast to the refugees themselves, when he had to stay in an asylum center.

“Boring boring”

Although he did not shut up either at the awards gala at the foot of the track, when the president of the Australian Open, Jayne Krdlicka, took the microphone. “Daniil, you were determined to make history for the second time in a row – after winning the US Open – and that didn’t happen tonight, but there is no doubt that you are on your way to achieving many records for the tennis history books” Krdlicka noted. A speech to which Medvedev responded up to three times with the same word: “boring [aburrido]”.

Already calmer he attended the press. “If we talk about tennis I am not disappointed. It has been a tremendous game that has been decided in the small details. Sure could have done better. But Rafa has done wonderfully, she has increased the level of her tennis and she has surprised me. Although well, it’s Rafa and we all know what he’s capable of”, he accepted with sportsmanship.

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