Asda under fire over ‘absolutely shocking’ state of warehouse in video footage

The footage shows hangers strewn on the floor, plastic boxes on top of each other and abandoned shopping trolleys which add to the chaotic mess

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Doncaster Asda in ‘shocking state’ with ‘rubbish everywhere’

Footage has been shared of an Asda store which was left in an “absolutely shocking state”.

The video, which was shared on TikTok three days ago, has now been watched over 25,000 times.

It was taken in the outside the delivery area of the supermarket and shows a pile of item strewn on the ground.

Hangers can be seen on the floor, with plastic boxes on top of each other and abandoned shopping trolleys at the side.

There are also countless cages overflowing with cardboard, numerous wooden pallets, and damp boxes stuck to the floor from rainfall.

Asda say their warehouse spaces are “thoroughly cleaned each day” and the video was taken “prior to the yard being cleaned later that same day”.

The short piece of footage was taken by a delivery driver and shared on his TikTok page.

Cages and rubbish strewn everywhere add to the chaotic pictures from the video


LeonLewis7 / TikTok)

The man filming the video says: “Look at the state. It’s shocking. Absolutely shocking.

“There’s just rubbish everywhere. It’s like no one gives a f**k.”

He then goes deeper into the site to show a side that is “just as bad, if not worse”.

In one part of the video, highlighted by YorkshireLive, he had to climb over the rubbish to ring the bell to get the attention of staff.

He says: “You think ‘well that’s just outside’. Well it doesn’t get any better inside. Look at the state of this.”

Asda was criticised for the state of its warehouse area


LightRocket via Getty Images)

The video shows more boxes falling over and bags of rubbish piled up on top of each other.

He continues: “Then you through there and that’s the warehouse and you’d think that the warehouse should be a lot better because that’s where all the food is kept. It’s even f***ing worse. It’s like nobody gives a f**k.

“I asked the guy why it was so bad and he said ‘well, it’s Christmas’. This isn’t Christmas, this is someone-getting-sacked sort of s**t because this is disgusting.”

People who watched the video were equally stunned, with one commenting: “Hygiene should be top priority when it come to food, the rats will have a field day.”

Some viewers defended the rubbish saying: “Hauliers are short staffed, busy time of year, dumps and councils on strike etc etc the list goes on. I mean, how many reasons do you want?”

Another wrote: “Not all Asda yards are like that let me assure you don’t judge the majority by the actions of the minority.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “All of our delivery areas and warehouse spaces are thoroughly cleaned each day.

“This video was taken in the middle of a delivery and prior to the yard being cleaned later that same day.”

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