‘As Covid restrictions ease, it’s time to get tough on anti-vaxxers’ – Polly Hudson


Enough is enough, says Polly Hudson. As Boris Johnson scraps restrictions to save his own skin, we need to convince everyone to get a Covid jab. And that means hitting them where it hurts

A woman gets a Covid jab in Kent
A woman gets a Covid jab in Kent

Get jabbed, or else. It sounds harsh – and it is – but the time has come where it’s essential. Because we’re on our own now.

Boris Johnson is forcing people to pay for his career with their health and, inevitably, in some cases their lives.

To please his right-wingers and try to cling to power he’s dropping most Covid restrictions from tomorrow, to the alarm of the scientific and medical communities.

Even isolation after a positive test will apparently be scrapped by March. It’s unlikely this government will bring back restrictions ever again, no matter what.

The best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated and boosted. Then your chances of catching Covid are reduced, but even if you do, you’re much less likely to be seriously ill, or – crucially for society – to spread it to others.

Boris Johnson has announced a relaxation of Covid rules this week


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“If everyone who was offered a vaccine and booster would take it, the pandemic would be effectively over in richer countries,” clarifies the consistently reliable Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh.

Getting vaccinated is good for us personally, and for everyone else too. It is the very clear way out. What’s not to love? The Get Boosted campaign was a start, but now it needs to go a stage further. The vaccine hesitant – those who are afraid, because they’ve genuinely failed for untrue propaganda – need to be persuaded. The militant, rabid anti-vaxxers will never be persuaded, so they need to be forced.

Don’t excuse. Too many people who happily put meals containing who-knows-what chemicals into their bodies, or those who ingest recreational drugs cut with let’s-not-even-go-there have said they won’t have the jab because they don’t know what’s in it.

Unless you’re a food chemist or a drug dealer, no one knows what’s in anything! The vaccine has been tested and proven. Get jabbed, or else.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s strategy is to “p*** off” the unvaccinated by making daily life more and more difficult for them. Three good, but not far enough. The unvaccinated must become social pariahs.

They shouldn’t be allowed into indoor communal spaces like restaurants, cinemas, shops, gigs and – yup, the most bitter of all blows – pubs.

Why should those of us who are jabbed and boosted have to risk breathing in their maskless air? If they don’t like it, they know exactly what they can do about it.

Perhaps we should even make unvaccinated patients pay for the NHS care they are statistically so much more likely to need after refusing their jabs? Maybe the money should go directly into the pockets of the exhausted doctors and nurses who will have to treat them, seeing as they’ve unnecessarily added to their back-breaking workload.

This tough love, cruel-to-be-kind tactic really is our only option now. We’ve tried personal responsibility, arguing and attempting to reason with brainwashed Facebookers.

Enough. Get jabbed, or else.

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