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An empty barber shop, in a stock image.
An empty barber shop, in a stock image.EUROPA PRESS

The National Police have arrested a 49-year-old man in Fuengirola (Malaga), owner of a chain of hairdressers and beauty centers, for alleged sexual abuse and harassment of five employees. The businessman cited them to talk about working conditions and took the opportunity to “make sexual statements and touching them”, according to the agents of the Family and Attention to Women Unit (UFAM) of the Fuengirola Police Station. The arrested man, who is accused of a crime against sexual freedom and indemnity, had a police record for similar acts, also in the workplace: he was arrested for that reason on two occasions, in 2018 and 2020. He has been put under arrest. judicial provision and the Police do not rule out that there are more victims.

It was the employees themselves who denounced their boss last November. The workers explained to the National Police the alleged situations of abuse, harassment and harassment. The sequence was similar in each case: the man individually summoned the workers inside an aesthetic booth, stating that this way they would have privacy to review professional goals. Once inside, he closed the latch and, without anyone to see him, the businessman took the opportunity to make sexual statements and touch the girls.

When the victims rejected the sexual pretensions, the person in charge of the chain of establishments punished them from the labor point of view so that they received less income. Thus, always according to the women’s accounts, he forced them to move to hairdressers with fewer clients, changed their shift or assigned them a lower volume of work. These workers receive most of their salary based on the goals achieved, so all of this had an impact on their income.

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The police investigation allowed obtaining the testimony of five girls and a witness – who saw what happened on one occasion in which one of the employees was fired -, whose stories led to the arrest of the man for his alleged involvement in a crime against freedom and sexual indemnity. The Police are keeping the investigation open, since there is the possibility that there are more victims who so far have not dared to report. “There are women who have been working there for several years, and others who are no longer on the staff. It is not ruled out that it has happened more times ”, police sources have explained.

This is not the first arrest for the 49-year-old man. The person under investigation has a police record for events of the same nature, which also occurred in the work centers he owns, both in Fuengirola and in the city of Malaga. In fact, the man had already been arrested on two previous occasions in 2018 and 2020. He has already been made available to the Investigative Court number 2 of Fuengirola.

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