Aragonès: “Trust with the Government is zero”

The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragoneshas warned that the trust of your Government with the Government from Spain is “zero” for the alleged espionage of independence leaders through the system pegasus and has demanded the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, who restores “fair play” and the “privacy” violated in the worst espionage scandal of Spanish democracy. “If it’s not unfeasible that any political collaboration can continue” between governments, he added. He has once again demanded responsibilities and has asked Sánchez to clarify “who was spied on”, “who gave the order” and who “supervised” the operation.

The Catalan ‘president’ has made statements to the press after meet in Madrid with the independence parties that have allegedly been spied on: ERC, Junts, PDeCAT, CUP and Bildu. And also with United We Can, which also demands responsibility for what happened. She has done it a day after threatening Sánchez with withdraw ERC support in Congress if it does not assume responsibilities. In addition, the Catalan president gave for frozen dialog table about Catalonia until then.

“It is evident that in a legislature there is a minimum of confidence that must be preserved. In these moments the confidence is zero because if you have been spied on there can be no trust”, has assured. “It is imperative that fair play and privacy be restored and that it is guaranteed that espionage is not the formula for doing politics in Spain”, he added, and settled: “If this cannot be restored, if this minimum confidence that you are not being spied on for exercising your political commitment, it is unfeasible for any political collaboration to continue”.

The tension between the two governments has increased and Aragonès are not worth the repeated explanations of the Executive that “he has nothing to hide” or “nothing to do” with this espionage. The Government has not yet clarified whether it has the Pegasus system and if it has been used by the CNI, to whom Aragonès points directly, since it is a matter of “State” and “national security”, something that the law protects. Yes, he has said that the CNI acts “legally.”

“You can’t expect everything to stay the same”

This same Thursday, the minister spokesperson for the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, warned Aragonès on TVE that “it is not advisable to frivolize the stability of the country and the Government” since the Spanish need “tranquility and stability”. And she has also stressed the “efforts” made by Sánchez to restore “normality” in Catalonia and his commitment to the “political path” and dialogue to resolve the conflict. In this sense, she has asked Aragonès to make an “effort” to “not break trust”.

But the ‘president’ has been very forceful. “If you want your partner to continue giving you support in the legislature, you have to make decisions, you have to be very clear and go all the way. You can’t expect everything to stay the same.has settled.

It is the most massive espionage so far

Aragonès has asserted that the software’ for which more than 60 people would have been spied on “Only States can buy it” and “acquire independent agencies of sovereign states”: “It is the most massive espionage so far”, He has assured, and has indicated that it has affected the last four presidents of Catalonia, the last two of the Parliament, deputies of Congress, the European Parliament, lawyers, activists… and has assured that it is “extremely serious”.

Thus, has called for an internal investigation in the executive “with independent supervision” and added that “The ball is in the court of the Government of the State”. “You must decide to what extent you are transparent and what level of responsibility you intend to assume”, he has continued, and has reiterated his request to “clear, concrete and immediate measures”.

The independence movement will respond in Congress

For their part, the spokespersons for the Catalan nationalist parties, the CUP, PDeCat and JxCat, have announced that they will respond harshly in Congress to the alleged espionage of their leaders after meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, in the Chamber Low and have demanded responsibilities and explanations.

In consecutive press conferences, they have pointed out that the commission of inquiry is not enough who have already requested together with ERC and Bildu and that it has to lead to the resignations or dismissals of the people who have carried out and covered up the wiretapping, for which they will also request the appearance of those possibly responsible.

Ferran Bel, from the PDeCat, and the spokespersons for the CUP, Mireia Vehí and Albert Botran, have said that the legal services of the Chamber should be involved, since they have been able to access documents and confidential information through their cell phones, as well as the Presidency of Congress.

Bel has added that the relationship with the Government will no longer be the same, but has specified that this does not imply that they will vote for everything that the Government sends to Congress, as in the case of the anti-crisis plan for the war in Ukraine, while Vehí has ​​alerted ERC about his presence at the Dialogue Table after what happened.

Both these spokespersons and that of JxCat, Miriam Nogueras, have insisted that they need explanations and to know how long their phones have been tapped and for what period.

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