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The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has expressed this Monday, before King Felipe VI, his willingness to “enter into a negotiation process [con el Gobierno] so that what is possible in Scotland is possible here ”, referring to the referendum that was held in the British State in 2014 and that the current Scottish Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, wants to celebrate again in 2023. Aragonès has launched that message during the gala organized by the Catalan employers’ association Foment del Treball, which celebrates its 250th anniversary and the Carles Ferrer Salat awards ceremony.

In his speech, the president has highlighted the dialogue established with the Government of Pedro Sánchez and has reiterated that the two axes that move his Executive is “self-determination and amnesty.” It was then that he appealed to the Scottish route as the objective of his Executive.

As has happened in the last acts in which both have coincided in recent months, the inauguration of the Mobile World Congress or the conferences of the Círculo de Economía, the president of the Generalitat has avoided participating in the official welcome of authorities offered to Felipe VI . The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has also eluded that greeting. Once inside the MNAC, the scene of the event, Aragonès and the King greeted each other and talked for a few moments, at which point Colau and the president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre, joined in. The four share the presidential table of the event, among other people.

King Felipe VI, this morning in Barcelona.
King Felipe VI, this morning in Barcelona.
Albert Garcia (THE COUNTRY)

The king has not made direct allusions to the political situation. He has hardly referred to the need to generate a “stable context” as the perfect setting to offer “certainty to investments and business decisions.” In this sense, he has considered “fundamental to always strengthen the framework of stability, certainty and trust”. But Felipe VI, above all, sent a message of empathy towards the business community because, as he said, “it does not enjoy the recognition you deserve”.

There have been no pro-independence rallies against the king’s visit, but the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has taken advantage of Felipe VI’s passage through Barcelona to, before he went to the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) to participate in the act of Fomento del Trabajo, projecting two images on the Venetian towers of the Plaza de España. In one you could see the face of the king upside down; on the other a sign that read: “Out with the occupying forces.”

During the morning, the King participated this afternoon in the ceremony for the delivery of the 188 judicial offices of the LXX promoting the judicial career, affirming that a fully democratic society, such as the Spanish one, he said, can only “develop in peace and harmony if it has an independent and neutral mechanism for the resolution of conflicts ”. The monarch has made that allusion after the delivery of the title to the 188 new judges just when the General Council of the Judiciary has already exceeded a thousand days with the mandate expired due to the differences between the PSOE and the PP to overcome the current blockade.

“The Judicial Power is one of the fundamental pillars of our Democracy (…)” With your correct and effective work, you will always strengthen the legitimacy of Justice once again as an essential institution that citizens can trust, “he said. Felipe VI expressing his confidence that the new judges contribute their knowledge to the “good name and great work of the Judiciary.” The ceremony for the presentation of diplomas has resumed its traditional profile after a year ago the Government decided that the King would cancel his attendance at the event, in the midst of a great controversy between the Executive and the Judiciary, which coincided in the time with the imminent sentence against President Quim Torra.

The ceremony thus brought the monarch together with the Spanish judicial leadership in Barcelona once again when Juan José González Rivas, president of the Constitutional Court, and Dolores Delgado, prosecutor, coincided on the stage of the Auditori Carlos Lesmes, president of the Supreme Court and of the CGPJ. general. The family members of the new judges attended the event as guests. The Mossos d’Esquadra have deployed a strong judicial device around the Auditorium to prevent access in the adjacent streets to avoid possible incidents.

During the act, Lesmes recalled that the Constitution enshrines in article 117 the legitimacy of the Judicial Power, which is born, like all powers “from the Spanish people, in which national sovereignty resides (…) thus combining in a formula constitutional, harmoniously, the ideas of sovereignty and unity of our nation “After asking the new Thursdays to make a” firm defense of the Constitution and the law “, Lesmes has invited the magistrates to use their” integrity “to disrupt any attempted “pressure or manipulation”. In this sense, he has twice demanded that they administer justice without being influenced by “foreign elements” not “procedurally or legally acceptable.”

The Monarch has visited Catalonia at least six times this year. Felipe VI was there three times in June: he presided over the inauguration of the Círculo de Economía conference; el Mobile and the delivery of the Princess of Girona awards. On September 30, he attended the opening of the Auto Show and on October 14 he attended the Planeta awards ceremony. Most of these events were held without protests abroad. The Princess of Girona awards ceremony is held in Barcelona because the City Council of that city has not ceded the foundation to the auditorium since 2018.


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