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Illa has offered collaboration in everything that could be beneficial for the Catalans, although she has warned him that she will not give “not a hundred, not fifty, not twenty, not ten” days of grace.

The ERC candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has asked this Thursday for a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia so that citizens can decide if they want to continue being part of the Spanish State, as was done in Scotland in 2014, through an agreed referendum: “It’s my obsession.”

Unlike his unsuccessful attempt at the end of March, Aragonès today addressed the 135 deputies aware that, this time, it could be invested tomorrow Friday at noon, by an absolute majority with 33 votes from ERC, 32 from JxCat and 9 from CUP.

Tomorrow, Friday at 9:00 a.m., the session will resume, with the intervention of Vox, followed by the CUP, En Comú Podem, Ciudadanos and the PPC, before proceeding to the investiture vote.

“I want to do like Scotland and I would like the Spanish State to know how to do like the United Kingdom in 2014. Neither more nor less. Make a referendum possible and work from day one to win it,” said Aragonès in his inauguration speech.

He insisted that it would be a referendum in which each party could defend their position: “That they stop being afraid of the polls and explain why we should choose to stay in the Spanish State. Let them explain to us what proposal they have for our country. That they dare to win a referendum, but that they also agree to lose it“.

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He has also said that it is the best option to confront projects, proposals and ideas without anyone being afraid of losing: “It is called democracy and it is the best way we have to resolve the political conflicts inherent in every society.”

Aragonès has referred to the independence movement as a plural and diverse space: “It has cost a lot. But with the Consensus Agreement for the Catalan Republic we began to have a shared diagnosis of where we are and what we should do from now on.”

Thus, he has promised to promote a “National Agreement for Self-determination and Amnesty to make evident the vast majority of society that knows that the resolution of the conflict with the State passes through the freedom of prisoners and exiles and the free exercise of the right to self-determination. “

Aragonès has stated that he wants to be president of the Generalitat for “complete the independence of Catalonia” and govern for all citizens.

“If one thing is clear to me, if for me one thing is completely non-negotiable, it is that all those who today reject the Catalan Republic must know that the Catalan Republic will never reject them,” he added.

Party response

JxCat, a partner of the future Catalan Government, has assured that he is giving “a new sincere opportunity” to the negotiating table with the State despite his “skepticism”.

“Our skepticism will not be an impediment to work, to participate loyally in the dialogue process, which we hope will be one of negotiation, with the Spanish Government,” the head of the JxCat ranks in Parliament has stated at the parliamentary headquarters during the investiture debate. , Albert Batet.

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For Batet, the strategies of dialogue and confrontation are “compatible” and he has pointed out that the fact that no party won the elections has led to “giving in” and “making concessions.”

The leader of the PSC in the Parliament, Salvador Illa, has offered collaboration to the future president of the Generalitat, the republican Pere Aragonès, in everything that may be beneficial for the Catalans, although he has warned him that he will not give him “neither a hundred, nor fifty, nor twenty, not ten “days of grace.

“From the first day we will make an educated opposition, we will try to be elegant and even fun, but forceful,” he assured in parliament during the inauguration debate of Aragonès that began this afternoon.

The leader of the common In Parliament, Jéssica Albiach, has assured that she expected the ERC candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, to “apologize” for taking three months to form a Government and has accused him of making a triumphant speech.

At a press conference this Thursday and after listening to the intervention in the full inauguration of Aragonès, he assured that the Republican’s words confirm that “the distance of the speeches that some make between these four walls and the streets is getting bigger and bigger.” .

The spokesperson for Cs in the Parliament, Nacho Martín Blanco, assured this Thursday that the president of the Chamber, Laura Borràs, “once again shows that she is not at the same level as the institution of the Parliament and the whole of the Catalans” by having said that she will not go to communicate to King Felipe VI the investiture of the ERC candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès.

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Martín Blanco has predicted that the legislature that will open after the inauguration of Aragonès “will once again be a lost legislature for the Catalans”, and has defended that Cs will exercise a role of constructive but firm and implacable opposition to the independence movement.


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