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Apple is preparing facial recognition with a mask for iPhone models from 12, the penultimate one presented by the brand, which began to be marketed at the end of 2020. The measure was expected, but many users have criticized on social networks that this function It comes after two years of pandemic, during which they have had to remove their mask to unlock the mobile with their face if they did not have an Apple Watch, the company’s smart watch.

This novelty is available in the beta version – still in testing – of iOS 15.4, Apple’s own operating system for iPhone. This week the technology had released version 15.3 for all users and brought bug fixes and security updates, but no striking news. Version 15.4 is not expected to be available to the general public for a few weeks. This novelty, and others that the Cupertino (California) company is preparing for the coming months, have become known thanks to those users who are registered in a special program for developers.

Facial recognition with a mask (or with any element that prevents the iPhone from properly detecting all the distinctive features of the user’s face) was available until now if you also had an Apple Watch. In a few weeks, if the iPhone model is 12 or 13 (and all its variants), the user will be able to activate this recognition that unlocks the end by analyzing only the eye area. Of course, the company warns that this function is less accurate than the full face and, therefore, less reliable. According to users who have been able to test it, such as youtuber Brandon Butch, this recognition works remarkably and very quickly, but, by attending to fewer user traits, it could be more easily the case that a third person could unlock the terminal.

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In addition to being able to open the phone with a mask, the user will be able to add a configuration of their face with their glasses on (as long as they are not sunglasses). This feature was previously available for full face, but now the iPhone will unlock even if the user is wearing the glasses as well as the mask; that is, even if it is even more covered.

The rest of the news is expected to be available to all users who can download the new version of the operating system when the tests are finished, not just for those with the latest two phone models. Among the most striking features offered by the brand are some thirty new emoticons: interracial handshakes, an X-ray, a crutch, more symbols made with hands… and the famous heart made with the thumb and forefinger in South Korea. South, popularized by pop and series originating in the Asian country.

In addition, from now on, you can add a widget to the home screen, where the user can see the balance of the bank card that has been added to Apple Pay and analyze at a glance the expenses made in the last week, in the last month or in the last year.

Another feature included in iOS 15.4 is that real-time text detection, through the camera, will allow you to add text in notes and reminders simply by selecting the scan in said applications.

Just a few days ago Apple announced that it will stop allowing iPhone users to install security updates on iOS 14, the previous version, to force them to at least move to the version of iOS 15, which is Available from September.

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