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Born in Miami, Anya Taylor Joy she is the youngest daughter of a large family. His mother is of Spanish descent and his father is Argentine. She was raised between London and Buenos Aires, hence her perfect Spanish. It was in London where she studied ballet and where she started in advertising and fashion. until in 2015 she starred in her first movie, The Witch, a horror thriller.

The actress moves well in the genre. Multiple Glass by Shyamalan or The new mutants. We also saw her in Emma, the film adaptation of the Jane Austen character made by newcomer Autumn de Wilde in 2020. Her popularity rose another notch when the series premiered on Netflix. Lady’s gambit. A story of overcoming, addictions and chess that became a phenomenon on the platform. For that role he won a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination.

“I’ve been working on this for a long time. It’s true, there are countless elements in this world that make it fun and glamorous, but I think we’re both here to do a good job and that’s what matters to us,” explains the actress in an interview at the SER string along with his co-star, actor Matt Harris. They are the leading couple of the psychological thriller that he directs Edward Wright, Last night in Soho. Harris is coming off huge popularity with another Netflix series, The Crown, where he played the Duke of Edinburgh in the first seasons. Glamor refers to her relationship with fashion, since the actress is one of the most photographed on the red carpets, as well as being an ambassador for Dior.

The film, by Edgar Wright, director of Zombies Party o The world’s end, is presented as a psychological thriller to tell the story of Eloise, a young woman who moves to London following her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. However, the glamor he envisioned is soon clouded by a much darker aura, as he comes into contact with the story of a ghostly woman who lived in the London capital in the 1960s, played by Taylor-Joy. A story of ghosts and intrigues accompanied by a powerful soundtrack and animated by numerous choreographies. In fact, the film highlights a scene in which the two dance in front of a mirror.

“I am very proud of how it turned out. It is very practical for the story, for the story and for the film. Seeing it on a big screen has been very special,” the actress told us at the Venice Film Festival, where the film was presented. in official section out of competition.

The film talks about violence against women, the obsession with the past and the dangers of nostalgia, and it does so with a meticulous production design and a selection of music from the sixties. “There is something strange in the human mind that makes us think that the past is better than what happens today. What is wonderful about fantasy, especially in this moment in which we are now, is that it tells you what It is important to be in the present and work to build the future, “said the actress.

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