Antonio Conte ‘totally committed to Tottenham’ despite poor run of form

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte committed to the club “in this moment” after admitting the job is far tougher than he imagined.

The Italian cast doubt over his future when he suggested he was not “good enough” to fix Spurs’ problems following the midweek defeat to Burnley – their fourth loss in five games – and the club would have to make an assessment on the job he was doing.

Although he climbed down the next time he faced the media to preview Saturday’s trip to Leeds, he could not offer a stonecast guarantee he would still be at the club at the end of the season.

He did say, however, that he had a good relationship with chairman Daniel Levy, which involves an open and honest line of communication, even if Levy had not experienced his type before.

“I think at this moment I am totally committed to Tottenham and I have a good relationship with the club, especially with Daniel,” he said.

“And he knows very well what my thoughts are and for this, this is the most important thing for me.

“He knows very well what are my thoughts. And also because he wanted me here and for this reason, I always tell thanks for this opportunity that he gave me. But he knows very well what are my thoughts for the present and what is my vision, everything, everything.

“I think this is the best way to have a direct way with the owner. It is OK.”

Conte was certainly direct in his assessment of just how big a job he has on to get Spurs challenging at the top end of English football again.

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He admits he thought he was coming into a club that was “more ready” to fight for honors.

“When I took this job with great enthusiasm, with great desire and great will to come back in England to work for an important club in England and also to have in my heart and my mind the desire to bring also this club to be competitive to win something,” he said.

“For sure this situation pushed me a lot to come here to try to change the past. It was a great push for me. Then for sure when you arrive in one place you understand the difficulty you can find and the situation you can find at that moment.

“Maybe in my heart, mind and head I thought to find a situation not better but more ready to fight and to win. And instead now I found a situation where we have to work, to work a lot, much more than was my expectation to do.”

Conte apologized for getting so emotional in his interviews after the game, but it is not certain that he really means it.

I think at this moment I am totally committed to Tottenham and I have a good relationship with the club, especially with Daniel

Anthony Conte

He is not afraid to tell the truth and says lies can cause more damage.

Asked if he was worried his interviews may cause damage, he replied: “Why? Because I tell the truth? If you tell the truth, will you destabilize? In my opinion and in my education -my family said to me – with the truth, you grow, with a lie you destabilize people.

“I think the opposite [to your question]. With the truth, you grow and do not destabilize the club or the players. It means that.

“If I destabilize someone, not a good man, not a good club. I want a strong club, strong men, strong players. The truth is the only way that I know to grow.

“I am a person who hates to lose and maybe in this club, not many are used to having this type of person. But I am this type of person. I know it is not simple.”

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