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While in the Community of Madrid Partido Popular and Vox seem to be more in tune than ever, after agreeing their first budgets together, the panorama in the Madrid City Council is radically opposite. The accusations between Almeida and the leaders of the ultra-right formation are constant, apparently moving away from a possible budget pact.

Thus, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has disfigured Vox this Friday that it is “ridiculous” that they say he is “communist” and has asked them to sit down to negotiate the municipal budgets because “that’s what the Madrilenians pay him for “. This has been transferred to journalists during the act of celebration of the Constitution Day that has been held at the Royal Post Office.

“I am a communist danger. I preside over a communist government. It is the first of communism to lower 500 million in the budgets, unblock urban developments and have zero tolerance with the occupation “, has ironized the first mayor, who added that he is” a grotesque communist “with him who” does not want to sit Vox ” .

He has asked the leader of Vox in the Consistory, Javier Ortega Smith, to “take Madrilenians seriously” and feel “tomorrow, the day after or Monday” to negotiate because “Madrid is not the cradle of the Soviet” and, furthermore , “That’s what the people of Madrid pay him for.”

In addition, he pointed out that Vox is trying to “destabilize” the government, as is the case in Andalusia “, something that cannot happen in the Community of Madrid, where PP and Vox have reached a budget agreement, because for this” they would have to vote with the left ”.

For his part, Smith has assured journalists that the PP has not kept its word because, with them, “Manuela Carmena’s policies” have returned to Madrid, something of which they “boast” from Recupera Madrid. To which he added that the Government Team (PP and Cs) have “betrayed their word.”

Subsequently, it has entered Rocío Monasterio on the matter through Twitter, where she stated: “Today I reminded Almeida that in order to achieve an agreement with Vox like that of the Community, he must move away from the communists of Carmena and left-wing politics such as Central Madrid, that he promised to reverse. Let him keep his word, stay away from the left and he will count on us. “

Faced with these new accusations, the Madrid mayor has responded with an annoying fool: “I am not going to say what we are talking about, because maybe Rocío Monasterio does not look so good, but I do say that the tweet is false (…). I am not used to revealing private conversations, but what I cannot allow is that on Twitter people lie with impunity as Rocío Monasterio has done, with whom I certainly have a good relationship, so what she was able to write surprises me even more “.

After these harsh statements, he wanted to lower his tone, aware that he needs the ultra-right formation to approve the budgets, as has happened in the Community, where Ayuso and Monastery have agreed: “What I am saying is that not everything goes in politics and that he rectifies. And that he says that he was indeed wrong, nothing happens, and that what he posted yesterday on Twitter does not correspond to reality. “

In this way, the crossing of accusations between the two conservative formations continues, since last Tuesday the mayor accused the spokesman of the Municipal Vox Group, Javier Ortega Smith, of being “an exercise in political bullying in which he is kidnapping all the citizens of Madrid for the sake of their personal and particular interest ”.

Almeida, only in the Town Hall

While its main government partner is very reluctant to reach a budget pact, the rest of the formations also show their distance from the popular one. The socialist spokesperson in the Consistory, Mar Espinar, has assured that Almeida has assumed the “role of butler” of the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and of Vox because “it serves its owners” and has pointed out that there is not “so much scaremongering” because a budget agreement is not reached because it will be necessary to see if Vox “is as cool as it wants to appear.”

“Almeida is a weak mayor,” said Rita Maestre, the spokesperson for Más Madrid in the City Council, and the proof is that “he does not have a single new idea and has a clear conservative bias that wants to eliminate support and aid to the group LGTBI “. Maestre has blurted out that Almeida “fights more in the PP than for Madrid.”

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