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The announcement of the Extraordinary Christmas Draw of State Lotteries and Betting is, without a doubt, one of the symbols of Christmas. Although there is more than a month left for the celebration of these holidays, this spot marks the beginning of that time of year when nougat and polvorones return to the pantries. An announcement that, despite all the symbols behind it, reminds us of the proximity of an extraordinary draw that will be held on December 22 and in which they will be distributed 2,408 million euros in prizes.

As usual, the Gordo de la Navidad will be endowed with 400,000 euros to the tenth winner. A prize that will be reduced to 125,000 euros for those who obtain the second prize and 50,000 for those who have won the third prize in importance. What will be the number that hides the first prize? Last year’s Fat was 72,897. A number that distributed millions throughout Spain. From Punta Umbría (Huelva) to Reus (Tarragona) passing through other regions such as Boñar (León), O Grove (Pontevedra) or Bilbao.

This is the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2021

After talking about the news of the raffle that will be held on December 22, among which the possibility of collecting prizes of up to 2,000 euros through Bizum stands out, the president of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, Jesús Huerta Almendro, has given I move on to the long awaited announcement of the Lottery. An advertisement that begins with a man consulting the mail that has reached his mailbox until he finds an envelope with a tenth of the extraordinary Christmas raffle inside.

After opening this envelope, the man discovers that it is the initiative of a neighbor of the town who has decided to distribute tenths so that, in case they play, they can all celebrate together: “Dear neighbors, I have thought that if you touch this number Nothing would make me more excited than to celebrate it with the people I appreciate, Merry Christmas. ” A campaign that excites the couple that receives the ticket, who decides to share another with the town’s fruit company.

In this way they start a chain through which all the inhabitants of the town receive their own number. From the pharmacist to those in charge of the theater. A chain that draws the attention of the media, who speaks of the phenomenon as the chain of mysterious tenths that floods the town. A tenth that ends up playing in the town and causing general ecstasy: “We share our luck with whom we share life.”

This was the announcement of the Christmas Lottery 2020

Under the motto The draw that unites usLast year, State Lotteries and Gambling made a retrospective on the history of its tenth and its meaning. All this through a series of personal stories that led to the still present pandemic. From a father who gives his son a ticket before leaving home to a couple who buy a share with the illusion that it will play or a man who works abroad who receives one of these tickets.

A series of events that lead us to the current situation, in which a young woman finds an envelope upon entering the house. Inside, a tenth of his neighbor, who wants to thank him for his help during the pandemic months: “This year there have been times when I have been afraid, but thanks to you I have not felt alone.”

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