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Angelina Jolie has spent two decades dedicated body and soul to what she has always claimed to be her most valuable possession: her family. Since adopting Maddox, the eldest of her six children, in 2002, the actress has always been clear about the importance of children to her and how she has managed her film career to fit into her personal life. Now, he has given a very personal interview to the magazine People where he talks especially about them.

Maddox, 20; Pax, 17; Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15; and twins Vivienne and Knox, who have already turned 13, are the protagonists of the affectionate words of Jolie, who admits to being “hard” with herself when it comes to her children. “I’m by no means the perfect mother,” she says. “Every day I feel that I am more aware of everything that I cannot do well. I’m quite picky about myself because I often ask myself, ‘Am I doing it right? Have I said things correctly? In fact, a few months ago, in an interview with the British edition of Vogue, she already explained that she felt “lacking the skills that a traditional stay-at-home mother usually has”, but explained that her children helped her and were “ very resilient ”, in addition to the fact that he knew her very well and had no secrets from them, something that made them“ like a team ”.

In this interview, the interpreter of malefic He only has good words for his six children. The three oldest were adopted (Maddox in Cambodia, Pax in Vietnam and Zahara in Ethiopia), while the three youngest were born from their relationship with fellow actor Brad Pitt, from whom they announced their separation more than five years ago, in September 2016. , and with whom since then he has been going through a long dispute regarding the conditions of his divorce. “My children have done many, many good things,” Jolie says of the six young people. “The kindness of my children has been healing for me,” he says.

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“They are great people,” says the actress about them, and also talks about the fact that they are such a large family. “Being so many, I think they have a significant effect on each other,” he observes. “I am not the leader of anything. I am very honest with them. I am very human with my children ”, she assures, explaining that she has been feeling“ very curious about what is in each one of them ”during their growth. In addition, he assures that his main priority is “to be there to support them and help them develop the different aspects of who they are.”

“In my house I have six individual human beings. I am excited by all their stages, their feelings, the curiosities that they are going through. How not to be? “, Reflects the actress in the magazine. “We are supposed to be here to help them find out who they are. And you can’t know if you don’t live that development enthusiastically with them ”.

Although during her childhood children were only seen with their parents on trips and casually, in recent times it has become a common gesture for Jolie to walk them with her through events and red carpets Her media exposure is clearly on the rise because Although Jolie has made statements about them before, she did not use to speak as openly about boys as she has now in People.

Nor was it usual to see them at events, and in just one month they did it up to three times. Last October, all but Maddox (who is already studying at the university) posed with the actress at the premiere of Eternals in Los Angeles (California, USA) and Zahara even wore the same Elie Saab dress that Jolie had worn at the 2014 Oscars. A few days later, Angelina took Zahara and Shiloh to the premiere of that same film at the festival of cinema in Rome, and at the end of that same month of October she and her five children, again without Maddox, repeated on the red carpet of the film in London. So it was Shiloh who wore a Dior suit that her mother had worn before.

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