Ángel Gabilondo: The Ombudsman asks the Generalitat how it is protecting the minor from Canet | Spain

Demonstration against 25% of Spanish in Catalan schools, on Saturday in Barcelona.  EFE / Enric Fontcuberta
Demonstration against 25% of Spanish in Catalan schools, on Saturday in Barcelona. EFE / Enric FontcubertaEnric Fontcuberta (EFE)

The Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, has initiated an ex officio action before the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia to find out how he is protecting the minor from Canet de Mar (Barcelona) and her family from social and political pressure to the that are being submitted after having claimed classes in Spanish. In addition, it requests information on other similar cases that could have occurred in this autonomous community. This was communicated by his department this Thursday through a note.

Specifically, the defender has asked to know “the measures adopted or that may be adopted by that Administration for the effective protection of the minor and her family, particularly in the teaching and educational field, as well as the terms in which it had agreed the exercise of the right urging the application of current legislation and jurisprudence on the use of vehicular language in teaching. Both in this specific case and in other similar cases that could have arisen within the competence of the Ministry of Education ”.

Ángel Gabilondo has conveyed to the Ministry his concern about the situation in which this family finds itself after having acquired firmness in the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), which requires a minimum of 25% of classes to be taught in Spanish .

The Mossos d’Esquadra offered protection to the family after having suffered threats on social networks. In the middle of the month, the regional police established a “non-invasive surveillance” in the surroundings of the Turó del Drac public school, where the girl is in early childhood education. Although the atmosphere in the school is calm and the parents ask for peace of mind, the police device tried to avoid any possible act of harassment to the affected family.

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The Gabilondo institution points out that “the exercise of a legally recognized right, and even more so if it is backed by a final judicial ruling, should not cause damage to those who urge it and it is up to the competent public administrations to adopt the necessary measures to avoid them. ”.

The Office of the Prosecutor is continuing an investigation for an alleged crime of incitement to hatred and discrimination. The association Hablamos Español and Vox filed complaints after the publication on Twitter of threatening comments towards the family. “I am about to stone this child’s house. Let them go outside of Catalonia ”, wrote a former professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Fàbrega, who later retracted (half) saying that it was a metaphorical expression. The virtual siege was joined by a moved Very active independentist in networks, Albert Donaire, who invited the student to be isolated. “This child has to find himself alone in class. In Spanish hours, the other children should go out ”.

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In an open letter released on December 13, the parents asked to remain anonymous and explained their feelings about the threats, which for now have been limited to social networks and have not occurred directly in the school environment. “Feeling the hatred, the intimidation, the threats, the pointing on one’s own skin, is very hard. We have wanted to cry many times ”, read the letter, in which they also thanked the support of many parents of the center, who has been dragged to the battlefield of the Catalan at school and, by extension, to the demands independentistas, as it could be seen in the subsequent and multiple demonstrations that took place in different Catalan cities.

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Canet’s is one of more than 80 families that, in recent years and according to the Generalitat, have succeeded in getting justice to recognize the right of their children to receive at least 25% of classes in Spanish. In Canet’s case, it is a precautionary measure, pending judgment. In addition to the threats to the family, the case has jumped to the forefront of today because it is the first decision that comes after the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that sets a minimum has been declared final. 25% of hours in Spanish for the whole of the Catalan educational system and which threatens to overturn the linguistic immersion model defended by the Government.


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