Ángel Carromero resigns from his position at the Madrid City Council

Ángel Carromero has presented his resignation as Director General of Coordination of the Madrid City Council with “immediate effect” after the scandal over the alleged espionage of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The resignation of the former secretary of New Generations in Madrid and a person close to Pablo Casado’s circle comes on the same day that various media have pointed out to him as one of the main stakeholders in this presumed operation to overthrow the popular leader.

As it progressed this Wednesday The confidential, senior officials of the party’s national leadership have tried to carry out an investigation against Ayuso and his family environment by hiring private detectives. The investigations would have been carried out for several months by the party itself, specifically to obtain information about the president’s brother in relation to health contracts awarded by the Community of Madrid. This investigation would have been commissioned from the Municipal Housing Company (EMV).

Likewise, this newspaper has indicated that the investigation commissioned from Genoa it also affected the ex-husband, Sergio Hernandez-Torre, already an ex-boyfriend of AyusoJairo Alonso, since he was trying to find out if the president of the Community of Madrid benefited any of his former partners with awards from his own Government.

Resignation so as not to “compromise the City Council” and deny the accusations

In statements to the Efe agency, Carromero himself has assured that he resigns from the position to defend himself from everything that has been said about him “without compromising the City Council of Madrid”. “I flatly deny that I have acted on behalf of the PP or anyone else, and that I have carried out any of the actions attributed to me,” he settled.

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Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida announced this Thursday that he spoke with Carromero “throughout yesterday afternoon on various occasions.” “I He has absolutely denied that he has made any kind of management aimed at obtaining information about Ayuso or his relatives,” he stressed.

Next, he warned that “there is no room for irregular behavior or that is not exemplary in any position in the Madrid City Council” and that “in the event that there is any indication that there is a person with a position in Cibeles who has carried out to get that information, will be terminated immediately of this City Council”.

“After making inquiries, we conclude that the detective denies the meeting, that the worker denies the meeting, that there is no contract and it has not been possible to produce no commission or payment with public money from the City Council to obtain information of this nature,” Martínez-Almeida said at a press conference.

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, has stressed in La Sexta that Carromero “does not work in Genoa, he is not an envoy from Genoa.” Thus, he has insisted that the party’s leadership has not given “any directive.”

Carromero, a life of controversy

Carromero’s resignation put an end to his career as a Madrid politician. Considered close to the leader of the PP and to Martínez-Almeida, he started his career when Casado was national president of New Generations (2005-13) and he was appointed deputy general secretary of NNGG of the PP in Madrid.

However, his name became world famous when on July 22, 2012, during a trip to Cuba, he suffered a serious car accident when he hit a tree. Opposition leader Oswaldo Payá and dissident Harold Cepero died, and a Swedish politician was uninjured. Accused by the Prosecutor for reckless homicide, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

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Months later, the Spanish government reached an agreement with the Cuban government so that Carromero would serve his sentence in Spain. He spent a few months in the Segovia prison and since January 2013 in the Victoria Kent social insertion center in Madrid.

After giving different versions of the accident that occurred in Cuba, in August 2013 Payá’s family filed a complaint with the National High Court so that investigate what happened and determine whether or not it was an accidentbut it was rejected by the court, which also opposed Carromero’s pardon requested by the Payá family.

After obtaining parole in 2015, the politician took another step in his career at the hands of Martínez-Almeida, first as chief of staff when the current Madrid councilor was in opposition (2015-2019) and then as general director of General Coordination of the Mayor’s Office. In parallel, Carromero went on to hold positions of greater relevance in the Madrid PP. He entered the Executive Committee and in November 2020 president of the Electoral Committee.


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