Andueza affirms that a “truthful account” is necessary to “build a coexistence”


Ramón Rubial Awards

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The leader of the PSE-EE highlights the “capacity for understanding” of the socialists who offer “a new way of governing.”

The secretary general of the PSE-EE, Eneko Andueza, has defended that “building a coexistence” can only be done “on a truthful account of what happened.” “And the truth is that in this country they killed themselves for thinking differently. They tried to annul the plurality of the country,” he added.

Andueza has participated this Saturday in the delivery of the Ramón Rubial awards that has been held in Bilbao and where, among others, the Lehendakari Patxi López and Rodolfo Ares have been presented with the Ramón Rubial Award for the Defense of Democracy, La Paz and freedom.

The film director has also been awarded at the gala Icíar Bollaín, the Montes Solidarios Association, the canoeist Maialen Chourraut, Surfrider Foundation Europe, the workers of Osakidetza, the journalist Angels Barceló and the former president of Uruguay Jose Mujica.

In his speech, Andueza has valued that the congressional period faced in recent weeks by the Socialists has served to “renew a good part of the party’s structures”, but, above all, “to rethink the role of the Socialists and of our project in this post-pandemic Euskadi “.

After warning that the pandemic of the covid-19 has changed the rules of the game and has accelerated the “pending” issues, has warned that today are more urgent than ever “the climate challenge, the demographic challenge, the care system, the digitization of our industry and new jobs.”

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“It is on all this that we must focus our political action. And it is to all this that we, the Basque socialists, are going to dedicate our effort in this new beginning that we have given ourselves. But to achieve it, to achieve that green, feminist, solidarity Euskadi “That we have set ourselves as a goal for 2030 requires the efforts of all and all. It requires the sum of all: government and opposition, companies and workers, civil society”, he defended.


After remembering that Euskadi comes “from a past of pain and suffering” that “we cannot allow ourselves to forget it, or cover it up with a blanket of vagueness that could leave us all happy, but that deep down does not say anything or point to anyone”, Andueza has argued that “building a coexistence in this country can only be done on a truthful account of what happened here.”

“And the truth is that in this country he killed himself for thinking differently. They tried to annul the plurality of this country. Today we have awarded the Lehendakari Patxi López and Rodolfo Ares, as protagonists of the conquest of freedom ten years ago. But also to a very special movie, ‘Maixabel‘, which asks all of us about our past, to tell us about the importance of overcoming prejudices, of looking at the other and of the necessary doses of empathy to be able to move towards the future “, has influenced.

Andueza, who paraphrasing José Mújica has stated that “in life you have to learn to carry a backpack of pain, but not living looking at the backpack, “he argued that” socialists are also involved in this, looking forward and advancing with determined steps towards the future. “” In starting to build the Euskadi today that we want to be tomorrow ” underlined.

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Finally, the leader of the PSE-EE has opted for “widen the spaces of the Socialist Party and build a bigger party, to make a bigger country, in which we can all fit and no one is left behind. “” That is the goal we have set for ourselves in this new beginning and I call on that challenge to the whole of the country, “he concluded. .

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