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Bang. The national leadership of the PP buries the possibility of an electoral coalition of the PP and Ciudadanos for the next elections in Andalusia. Genoa rules out any approach with the party of Inés Arrimadas to form joint lists, after the leader of Cs opened the door this weekend to study a sum for the Andalusians. “There are no more ways to vote for the PP,” said the deputy secretary of Communication for the popular, Pablo Montesinos, in a statement in Congress during the official act for the day of the Constitution. The PP’s strategy involves absorbing Cs at the polls, a party which it considers to be amortized.

“There are no other formulas or other ways,” Montesinos stressed, but “the way is the PP and vote for Casado in the general elections and Juanma Moreno in Andalusia when the regional elections correspond.” The leadership of the PP calls to concentrate the vote around its brand and disdains the sums with other parties, sums that the popular defended until the crisis due to the motion of no confidence in Murcia last March, the turning point from which Pablo Casado’s party changed strategy. “What all the center-right or dissatisfied PSOE voter has to do is come to the common house, which is that of the PP,” the Deputy Secretary for Popular Communication emphasized on Tuesday. “The union of the center right has to be consecrated around the PP. This is how the left loses and Sánchez’s radical partners lose ”.

The PP has already turned the page on its commitment to the center-right electoral coalitions that it promoted with the Spain Suma brand. Genoa changed the pace after the Murcia crisis, an initiative that Cs agreed with the PSOE to try to unseat the popular of the Government of the region and that led, as a reply, to early elections in Madrid. That failed operation of the Arrimadas, who paid by leaving the Murcian Executive and losing their representation in the Madrid Assembly, marked the beginning of their decline and motivated the strategic turn of the popular in the face of the fragmentation of the center-right.

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The PP is now only considering the option of absorbing Citizens with their acronyms at the polls, according to sources from his leadership. In addition, the popular ones no longer trust Cs – “Arrimadas agreed with Sánchez for the motion of Murcia, and in those fateful hours he did not even pick up the phone”, recall sources from the top – and they believe that the intention to vote of the liberals is so low, according to polls, that its remnants of provincial seats would add nothing significant to its mark. The refusal to understand with Ciudadanos has also been reaffirmed by the president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, who has cut off any relationship with his former government partner until the failed motion of censure in March. “Ciudadanos is anything but reliable. The only way to guarantee that neither the left nor Mr. Sánchez governs is by voting solely and exclusively for the PP, ”the regional leader in Congress stressed.

The popular ones pour cold water on the intentions of Arrimadas, who this weekend called to study all the options, including an electoral coalition, to preserve the Government of PP and Cs in Andalusia. “At this point, you have to assess anything to be able to reissue the Government respecting that [PP y Cs] we are two different parties and we have different electoral programs, “said the leader of Cs in Seville. “We are two different parties, we have different positions in many things. But I think that the PP of Andalusia and we have understood that different parties, at any given moment, may have common objectives. And the common objective of PP and Ciudadanos in Andalusia is to maintain the change in Andalusia ”, said Arrimadas.

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The declarations of Arrimadas have been cooled, this Monday, by deputies of Citizens in the commemorative act for the day of the Constitution. According to various party leaders, Arrimadas’s words this Saturday were “oversized” by the media and that, for now, “there is no open door” to joint electoral lists. What they have defended are the post-electoral pacts, such as the government coalition that they now maintain with the popular Andalusians.

Arrimadas has spoken in the same terms in his institutional declaration in Congress. In fact, the leader of Cs has not even wanted to enter to assess her own words on Saturday in Seville. “The only coalition that we know that already works in Andalusia is that of the PSOE and Vox, which what they are doing is attacking the Government of change and they are torpedoing the action of a Government that is objectively good.” The president of the formation has also stressed that there has been no rapprochement with Pablo Casado.

Before Saturday’s act, sources from the national leadership had confirmed that the joint ballot formula is not ruled out in any territory, as long as the joint candidacy allows the eviction of “nationalist or contrary” governments from the different regional parliaments, such as the case of Catalonia or Valencian Community. “Where things are fair and it is clear that we can win the game with joint lists, it will be studied and considered,” says a party leader. “Nor are we going to make joint lists everywhere,” he adds. A hypothesis that will depend, as they explain, on the data analysis carried out on a case-by-case basis when there are firm electoral calls.

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From Cs they also remember that it is not the first time that this possibility has been raised, already tried previously in Catalonia or in Galicia and that it ran into the refusal of the PP. “It is different there than in Andalusia because we are the antidote to the nationalists, that’s why they didn’t want to,” added another member of the leadership this Monday. Where this understanding was forged was in the Basque Country, with a result of six deputies, after presenting themselves under the brand of PP + Cs. An alliance that today “is broken”, after Luis Gordillo, a member of parliament who appeared on the Citizens’ list, moved to the popular ranks on October 7. In any case, and when the time comes, it will be the Executive of the party and the General Council of Cs who invite or not to go hand in hand with the PP in Andalusia, despite the reluctance of Genoa.


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