Andalusia marks distances with CyL and moves away the elections

Andalusia will be the next community to call elections, scheduled for the end of the year, and the results of the elections in Castilla y León move away an advance from the horizon. The rise of Vox, which has managed to add 12 prosecutors, and the failure of Ciudadanos (Cs), which has been left with a single seat, does not seem to change the plans of the Andalusian Government, which insists that its intention is still to exhaust the legislature “until I can” unless there is a lock.

Executive sources assure RTVE that the electoral results in Castilla y León do not change anything in the objective set by the President of the Board, Juanma Moreno, of squeezing the legislature as much as possible. And this has also been confirmed this Monday by the Government spokesman, Elías Bendodo, who has said that in the results of Castilla y León there is no “Andalusian key” and has recalled that when they “play” in the community it is at the end of the year.

The president spoke on his election day between June and October, and the lack of agreement regarding the 2022 Budgets -which have been extended by not obtaining the necessary support, including Vox- led Moreno to raise in an interview in RNE the possibility of advancing the elections, in the event that Parliament continues to defeat his initiatives. However, in addition to the results in Castilla y León, in recent weeks the Government has saved the start of two key laws, the Circular Economy and the irrigation of Doñana.

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PP and Cs bet on reissuing the coalition

The vice president of the Board and leader of Cs, Juan Marín, who believes that Pablo Casado and Alfonso Fernández Mañueco have handed over the government to the extreme right, has also denied the early elections, although he has been convinced that the elections in Castilla y León “have absolutely nothing to do with Andalusia”.

Along the same lines, the PP has defended that “the sociological and political reality” in Andalusia is “very different” from that of Castilla y León, which is why it also avoids extrapolating the data and “making assumptions”. “It’s time to consolidate the change, we have a lot to do and we want to exhaust the legislature, and we want to do it as we are doing, with dialogue, left and right”, said the general secretary of the ‘popular’ in Andalusia, Loles López .

In fact, from the Andalusian Executive they do not consider that the community is going to be a second round of the elections in Castilla y León and they bet on repeat the PP-Cs coalition government formula when they are held. However, the results may not allow it, since according to the latest barometer from the Andalusian Studies Center, known as the ‘Andalusian CIS’, the PP would win resoundingly in Andalusia, although it would need Vox to reissue the Government and add the absolute majority, since the votes of Cs would not be enough.

Vox asks for the electoral advance and the left believes that the PP “will seat the extreme right”

Meanwhile, Vox has once again requested the electoral advance in Andalusia and has defended that Cs is “in free fall” and is a party that does not offer “a government of stability”. Macarena Olona, ​​who is emerging as a Vox candidate for the Board, remembered this community last night after the electoral results in Castilla y León: “Historic night. With the satisfaction of duty fulfilled. Good evening, Andalusia,” she stressed in a message on her Twitter account.

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And this morning he has demanded that Juanma Moreno “do not give the parties that are destroying Spain (…) the opportunity to rearm.” “Andalusia deserves hope. Andalusian elections now”, he pointed out.

On the other hand, and although the analysis of the leftist parties differs in nuances, they all agree that The Andalusian PP will have no problem agreeing with Vox if, as the polls say, Ciudadanos reaps a bad result.

The general secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, has demanded that Moreno clarify to the Andalusians if he is willing to seat the extreme right of Vox in the Government of Andalusia. “The PP of (Juanma) Moreno Bonilla is no longer the political center in Andalusia, because by governing the entire legislature accepting Vox’s blackmail to continue in San Telmo, it has only fattened the extreme right without which it could not now govern”, he summarized.

The spokespersons for United We Can (UP), Martina Velarde and Toni Valero, have asked Moreno, for their part, to take note of the result of the elections in Castilla y León, and have warned him that an early election in Andalusia for “partisan reasons can penalize”. Both believe that a “failure of the electoral strategy of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, “to which he dragged Moreno” has been evidenced, and that he was seeking an absolute majority that the popular ones have not achieved.

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In similar terms, Andaluces Levantaos (AL) believes that the results of the elections in Castilla y León will imply a delay in the calling of the Andalusian elections, which “shows” that the interests of the president are those of the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado“not those of Andalusia”.

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