Andalusia Elections | The left agrees to a coalition ‘in extremis’


Andalusian left-wing parties have agreed this Friday “in extremis”, a few minutes before the end of the term, the coalition to attend together the Andalusian elections on June 19a pact that has been rushed so much -the term ended at 24:00 hours on Friday- that has been registered without including Podemosso the decision is now in the hands of the Central Electoral Board.

The agreement between parties for the brand for Andalusia it does include Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Más País Andalucía, Alianza Verde, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiativebut the purple formation is not in the coalition officially registered with the Andalusian Electoral Board within the deadline.

We can have explained that yesterday delivered to IU “in time” all the documentationas well as the necessary signatures, to formalize your name in the registry within the unit candidacy and trust that the “administrative stumbling blocks” are resolvedas sources from the purple formation have pointed out to TVE.

According to these sources, the registration of the coalitions and the signatures of the forces that make it up is done electronically and it was IU who had to be in charge of registering the coalition “being his candidate” the chosen one.

They assure that at 11:02 p.m., almost an hour before the deadline expired, they sent the first proposal by Telegram and half an hour later they sent a document with the political agreement, to which Tony Valero -coordinator of IU Andalusia- gave “its approval”.

But, according to Podemos, at 11:48 p.m. they sent a document that did not contain the political agreement to add their signatures to the registry, a text that was returned at 11:57 p.m. with the changes, although “minutes later IU says they haven’t been able to register itTherefore, according to the purple formation, the document that passed at the last minute is not the one that was finally registered.

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Interlocution of Yolanda Díaz’s team

The pact, in whose dialogue the vice president’s team has also collaborated Yolanda Diazimplies the transfer of Podemos from the candidacy to the Board, something that the party has said they are doing to promote unity.

With this agreement, the space of the left in Andalusia would be divided into three candidates: that of PSOEwith John Swords as a candidate; that of Forward Andalusiawith Theresa Rodriguez; and the latter formed by Podemos -if it is finally included by the Electoral Board, IU, Más País Andalucía, Equo, among others, with immaculate grandson as the head of the list.

The federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón, has celebrated the pact and has described Inmaculada Nieto as an “excellent” candidate. Through a message on Twitter, the also Minister of Consumption has transferred “all the force” and support for Nieto, in addition to thanking all the political forces that “have made this possible” for this “very important” unity candidacy. “Viva Andalucía”, he has finished in his message on networks.

The negotiation has had a decisive national background

Inmaculada Nieto had the support of the rest of the formations that make up this union for the elections, while Delgado did not meet that consensus and Until the last minute, the possibility was open that Podemos and Izquierda Unida would go separately to the elections.

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The negotiation has had a decisive national background, with an eye on the future coalitions that will be sought for the next general elections.

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, has interceded to ask the parties to “add up”and staged his support for Inmaculada Nieto at the April Fair in Seville, with whom he shared several walks.

For his part, the former leader of Podemos paul churches he had defended Juan Antonio Delgado as an “incredible” candidate to lead the coalition.

The negotiations have taken place throughout the day, at the highest level, with calls included from IU to Podemos so that they sit at the table.

Thin has pointed out that “the broad front will be a reality in Andalusia” and has grateful to Yolanda Diaz and your team your implication in the last hours to close the deal.

deal details

Podemos will have four heads of list (Granada, Cadiz, Cordoba and Huelva), IU will have three (Malaga, Almería and Jaén), and that of Seville is reserved for More Country., which practically guarantees him a position in the Andalusian chamber in the figure of Hope Gomez, co-spokesperson for the formation. In the parliamentary group, the spokesperson will be from IU and will have a deputy spokesperson and the group’s secretary.

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The distribution of the questions to the president, the debates, or the presidencies of eventual commissions in the Chamber are also written in the document. IU would have the position in the Board of Directors of the RTVAas a senator and in the Accounts Chamber, while Podemos would stay with the Parliamentary Table, the Audiovisual Council and the Accounts Chamber.

The resources of the parliamentary group will be 60 percent for Podemos and 40 percent for IU.

There is a part of the economic agreement that establishes that the resources generated will be related to what each party spends on the campaign, without bank financing.


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