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During these last twelve months we have told thousands of stories. All this through endless articles, interviews and reports in a year marked by COVID-19, the La Palma volcano and sporting events such as the European Championship or the Olympic Games in Japan. Por that same reason We wanted to summarize the year in the articles that most interested you in 2021. Did you know which has been the most successful news of the month of January?

Ana Milan stops the wave of criticism of Demi Moore’s appearance with this blunt tweet

Demi Moore starred in a change in appearance last January that attracted attention, and a lot, on social networks. There he became a trend as a result of the multiple operations he had undergone weeks ago, which led many people to fill the social network with humorous comments about his new appearance. Something that Ana Milan did not see favorably, who took advantage of her influence in networks to stop the wave of criticism towards the actress.

“Are you abnormal?”: A farmer’s question for the reckless who come to enjoy the snow

The rancher Nel Cañedo has shared a video through social networks to criticize all those who go to areas of Asturias with heavy snowfalls without knowing the risk they run. A video that quickly went viral on Twitter, where the people who shared the question of the farmer numbered in the thousands: “When you say that you go with the kids to the snow, do you know where you are going?

China begins performing anal tests to detect COVID-19 and claims they are more accurate than nasal tests

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, methods for detecting the new coronavirus outbreak have evolved to be faster and more accurate. However, evolution does not always go the way it should. Last January, China began conducting anal tests to detect COVID-19. A test that, as the researchers explained, turned out to be more accurate than the nasal ones.

The worrying photo of Miguel Herrán: “I no longer want to talk or eat”

Miguel Herrán takes advantage of his social networks from time to time as a speaker to unburden himself and share some of his reflections with the world. Last January, the actor of series such as The paper house or Elite He took to Instagram to ensure that he was very disappointed with himself: “6 days have been enough to destroy me. I don’t want to talk or eat anymore. I have stopped at my most constructive moment and it has become destructive. I am disappointed in myself. I want to be a better person. “

“What car did you drive in?”: Jürgen Klopp’s humility cure in Liverpool praised by Dejan Lovren

Croatian defender Dejan Lovren recalled last January an anecdote starring coach Jürgen Klopp when he was still playing for Liverpool, demonstrating the importance of being humble both on and off the pitch: “In 2017, in On the first day of preseason training with Liverpool, an 18-year-old, I will not name him, came to train in a Mercedes with a gold Rolex on his wrist. ” The next day, and after his talk with the coach, the young man was never the same again.

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