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After almost two years without interviews in person, in the meeting with Ana Fernández (Madrid, 32 years old) the actress is accessible. In recent years, he confesses, “very good and terribly bad things have happened to him.” “But they have all accumulated in me and made me mature,” he reflects. Fernández is at an idyllic moment in his career and he is enjoying it because he knows what it is like not to be able to do it. “I experienced a break like everyone else because there was a huge crisis in the industry, but now we are in the best moment of Spanish fiction: there is work and a wonderful offer, we are more or less calm. I appreciate that break because it makes you value work and it is learning ”.

Ana Fernández is no longer that girl who debuted in Question of sex, the one that was her first school on television, nor the teenager who became famous with the first installment of The Protected, the successful Antena 3 series that aired between January 2010 and the summer of 2012. Now she claims to be a happy woman with clear things, and without losing a hint of enthusiasm, she recognizes a feeling of absolute nostalgia and very typical of the It was current, which promises to be satisfied in this new stage that began in December and ends this week. “The protests”, As he says affectionately,“ they finished very high 10 years ago and it was a shame not to continue. So the return has come and it has been exciting: between the whole team and the new production company, we have done something very compact that mixes all the nostalgia of the past with all the good of the present ”.

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The reunion, he says, has been “magical”: “We continue to have the same jokes between us and it seems that time has not passed.” However, it is clear that, like her, Sandra (her character) returns with a backpack full of new experiences and feelings that have made her grow and relate differently. But Fernández likes to separate the person from the character and uses it to enjoy fame, and not the other way around: “I am an actress when there is a camera in front of me or I am on stage. If not, I am Ana and I have my humor and my way of expressing myself. Exposure tends to be negative, but it can be managed to keep the good, which is much more ”.

The interpreter says that she lives in the country with her boy and their five dogs and that this has helped her to achieve this. And also remember that it is important to earn the respect of those with whom you have to work: “Something horrible happened to me and the press echoed and was there, but they treated me with a lot of respect. I think that you have to earn respect, I have always been a very natural aunt with the media and I have not hidden anything. In the end, you lose your curiosity and they don’t chase you ”. He says this in reference to the tragic death of his previous partner, the television cameraman Santi Trancho, in a traffic accident in March 2015.

She has learned to know herself so well in years of therapy, as she expresses several times in conversation. Also to accept what life has given him. After Trancho’s death, after going through the corresponding phases of mourning and believing that he had overcome it “thanks to the animal that we all carry inside”, two years ago he experienced his first outbreak of anxiety. “I didn’t understand it, I thought it was stress. In a few years transcendental things have happened to me that I have been dodging, but that, in the end, you have to weigh and place. And that gives you time. So I went back to therapy and welcomed anxiety into my life. Sometimes she comes and sometimes she doesn’t, but I have learned that she can stay with me forever, so now she is my friend, ”she says with overwhelming firmness.

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Making a virtue of necessity, he relies on social networks: “We have practically been forced to use them; Even if you deny, you participate yes or yes. I am dedicated to entertainment and that is what I share. I try to find my place and choose what I want them to see about me, I eat my dramas with my family, my partner or my psychologist ”.

He not only wants to make the therapy visible, but to launch a message that he considers essential for the new generations. “It is no longer taboo and it is a good thing. We should encourage asking for help and going to the head doctor. We should do it as soon as possible. To those teenagers who protect themselves from their complexes by attacking others, I would tell them to invest the 50 euros they spend on a bottle or on a pair of slippers to go to therapy. So there would not be so much bullying nor so much lack of self-esteem ”. She was, like so many, one of those who suffered it in her high school years: “I was trained, but I also had a hard time. You had a weak day and you even considered believing it ”, he explains. “But thanks to a touch that my mother gave me, I changed. I went from hating being tiny to looking like milk. I took that complex and hugged it. I said to myself: ‘You’re short and I love you.’ When you hug him it stops being a complex and it no longer hurts, ”she recalls excitedly.

In addition to her work as an actress, Ana Fernández is filled with feeling free when the filming schedule allows it and defending causes in favor of the environment and animals. Also the music, to which he has approached the hand of his partner, the singer Adrián Roma. Soon, and if everything goes according to plan, so will being a mother: “I see myself being a mother in a couple of years. I am an older sister and I feel like it, but we are going to wait because we want to do things well, with love and with great care ”.

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