American fugitive arrested in Scotland kept his ‘manipulated’ wife ‘under a spell’ claims his brother

The brother-in-law of scammer Nicholas Rossi has called the fugitive a “master manipulator” who deceived his sister.

Kevin Knight said he doesn’t think Miranda, who met the American sex offender online, had any idea her new husband was on the run from the FBI on rape and fraud charges.

The horrified 45-year-old builder, who was best man at his wedding last year, said his sister is distraught but denies it, believing police have the wrong man.

Kevin said: “Nicholas is a master manipulator. He has told her that it is a case of mistaken identity.

“He kept my sister under this spell. He has used every manipulation trick in the book to try to keep her under that spell.”

Miranda Brown Knight
Miranda Brown Knight

Rossi’s past caught up with him in Scotland last month when police arrested him at the flat he was renting in the west end of Glasgow after he and Miranda moved from Bristol.

The man with 16 different identities is now in custody and faces extradition to the United States.

Kevin, who lives in Bristol with his family, only found out about Rossi’s past when his arrest came to light in a news report.

He has spoken to Miranda, who is still in Glasgow, but she is very worried about his state of mind.

He said: “I wonder if the network was reaching out to him in Bristol, if that’s why he convinced my sister to move to Glasgow.”

Police vans outside Rossi's flat
Police vans outside Rossi’s flat

Kevin said that in the three years he had known Rossi, he spoke with a thick Irish accent and went by the name Nicholas Brown.

He added: “He was very polite, a caring person, a church person, the whole charade was perfect.

“He never really talked about his family, we just assumed he had been through the care system, so we respectfully didn’t ask.

“I was the godfather because there was no one in the family. There was always a question about where it came from, there were never any friends or family and now looking back you realize some things are starting to make sense.”

Those things included not wanting to have their picture taken and missing some family events due to “illness.”

Nicolas Rossi
Nicholas Rossi gave the name of Arthur Knight to the Scottish Police when they arrested him in his hospital room.

Rossi told Miranda’s family that he was from Dublin but had moved to London to work in marketing and public relations and was living in Essex.

She became close to Miranda’s parents and visited her mother Iris regularly at her nursing home before she died.

The couple moved to Glasgow last year after Rossi claimed he had landed a job at the University of Glasgow.

Kevin said his father Mike, 82, is devastated by the revelations and wants Miranda to return home to Bristol.

Kevin is now considering going to the police after we told him he was made a director of one of Rossi’s companies, called Veritascube Ltd, which was set up without his knowledge.

Miranda Brown Knight
wife miranda brown knight

Last week we revealed how he scammed Canadian TV chef Nafsika Antypas out of $40,000, abused her online and tried to ruin her business when she pulled the plug on a marketing deal with him.

Police in the United States are looking for Rossi for the alleged rape of a 21-year-old ex-girlfriend in Orem, Utah, in 2008.

He is also said to have attacked women in Ohio, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and is facing further charges of identity theft and fraud.

He was previously convicted of sexual assault in Dayton, Ohio, in 2008.

Tributes to him under the alias Nicholas Alahverdian were posted after he said he died of cancer in February 2020.

During a hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court, his lawyer referred to him as Arthur Knight, while prosecutors called him Rossi.

The court was told that police and hospital staff identified the man as Rossi from his tattoos.

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