Amazon customer left baffled after driver delivers him completely empty box

Ian Brown claims the driver was laughing ‘mischievously’ as he left the empty package in some flower pots – he claims the delivery mishap has left him scared to order from Amazon again

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Delivery driver takes photo of empty Amazon box before running away

A man has been left furious after being delivered an empty Amazon box.

Ian Brown, 40, was left scratching his head when he was delivered a damaged box with no product inside.

The package was supposed to hold £12 worth of skincare products and bin bags, which were ordered by his girlfriend on the Amazon website.

He claims as he watched over his footage again, he observed the driver photographing the item as if to show it had been successfully delivered.

Mr Brown stated that usually for his deliveries, the driver knocks on his front door.

He claimed he saw the driver at the side of his house and heard him ‘giggling’.

An Amazon delivery driver passed over a parcel without its contents

He said: “It was sort of mischievous laughter. I could see the parcel and it was completely flat. I thought ‘he cannot have delivered that”.

“But when I went back to the CCTV I found it had been put behind some flower pots and photographed it.

Ian maintained he was not aware if it had been deliberately taken out or had fallen out but nonetheless called the service ‘unprofessional’.

Amazon has now refunded the couple for the skincare products and replaced the bags.

Despite the reimbursement, Mr Brown is concerned about the goodwill gesture affecting any possible future circumstances when he will need a refund.

He argued that if something higher value went missing from his package, it would be his word against the driver.

Mr Brown is concerned about the goodwill gesture affecting any possible future circumstances when he will need a refund


Ben Lack / YappApp)

Amazon customer Ian Brown was furious when he came home to discover the empty envelope


Ben Lack / YappApp)

He added: “If the driver spots the parcel is damaged they are supposed to knock and wait for you to open the door and reject it.”

Now Mr Brown has been left scarred from the ordeal, stating he is afraid to purchase any more items from Amazon.

He said: “None of the process for a genuinely damaged parcel has been followed. I wanted to buy an Xbox off Amazon but there is no chance in hell of that now, or of buying anything of value.

“Although this parcel was heavy it contained nothing of value. But you would not know from outside.

“Something has gone wrong here and it needs investigating.”

However Amazon has responded, stating they have worked with the customer to ensure things are solved.

A spokesperson from Amazon told Mirror Online: “We’ve worked directly with the customer to make things right.”

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