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Princess Amalia of Orange took a seat on Wednesday at the Council of State of the Netherlands. She will not have a vote, but she will be able to learn how Dutch institutions work, a task for which she will try to be “a good student, aware of my responsibility”. She has said it flanked by her parents, Kings Guillermo and Máxima, who looked at her excitedly. “Thank you, Mr. President,” he told his father, who holds that position there, without power of decision.

Shortly after, somewhat looser, she declared to the press that although “there are no schools to be kings, when the time comes I will try to be myself with a personal stamp.” At the age of 18 this Tuesday, it was the first official appointment as heir to the throne of her country and she has planted a linden in memory of a day that marks the route of the Crown for her.

The heir to the throne, Amalia de Orange, takes her seat on the Dutch Council of State.
The heir to the throne, Amalia de Orange, takes her seat on the Dutch Council of State. (GTRES)

With a dress printed in navy blue and white flowers, high heels and made up, Princess Amalia took her seat between her parents. Queen Máxima, who also has a non-voting seat on the Council, has not stopped smiling throughout the meeting, of an extraordinary nature. The king has not been able to hide his emotion, and has recognized that his own access to the Council of State at the same age marked him, “and I continue to reap the fruits of what I learned today.” Her daughter has emphasized the fact that she hopes to “learn a long time” as she will be able to attend the meetings of the independent government advisory body, which is also the highest administrative body in the Netherlands. He has accepted his destiny at the head of the Head of State, but he wants to have time for it and to train. He is not rushing to succeed his father. “I hope it doesn’t come by now, huh, dad?” He said, laughing. Then she added this: “For the rest, I hope to be ready when the time comes.”

After planting a linden tree in the garden, he has attended to the Dutch press, and that is where something else has been released in his answers. It has stressed several times the importance of the work of the Council of State, but it has also been spontaneous in recognizing that there are no schools for kings. “It is a work attached to the historical moment, and I will look at the past and the example of my grandmother, Queen Beatrix. [hoy princesa] and my father. In his work and spirit of service. But especially in today, which is the moment that I have had to live, to try to be myself with a personal stamp ”. This body, he added here, “is a good place to learn.” In the same meeting with the media, he said that his dreams of coming of age are those of the rest of his generation, “and although my path is different, I have a life of experiences ahead of me, like everyone who turns 18”.

Her parents, standing next to her although a little apart, have not commented so that the heiress would grab the attention of her first official press conference. The pandemic has modified its plans in this sabbatical year that has been taken. After finishing high school and before going to university, he hoped to travel, but he says he has met “a lot of interesting people” and is “learning a lot.” After the appointment, her mother, dressed in red and with a burgundy hat and gloves, could not help saying “very well”, looking at her.


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