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This year 2021 Alzheimer’s disease has been the cause chosen by EITB Maratoia, and the Group has already implemented all the means at its disposal to promote solidarity and promote research related to this field.

The EITB Group has organized once again, for the twenty-second time, its annual solidarity campaign with the aim of raising awareness in Basque society about problems of great social relevance. This year 2021 the project EITB Marathon has chosen the Alzheimer disease and the Group has already implemented all the means at its disposal to promote solidarity and boost investigations related to this area. But what does this disease consist of?

Alzheimer’s is the type of more common degenerative dementia and cause memory loss, impaired cognitive abilities, and changes in behavior, among others. It mainly affects men and women over 65 years old, since Alzheimer’s is the main cause of dementia; According to the latest studies, around 10% of that age group have some dementia and, of all of them, the 70% suffers from this ailment.

The Basque Autonomous Community and Navarra are, together with Cantabria, the communities with higher mortality rate due to neurological diseases in the Spanish State and, in the last 10 years, deaths from Alzheimer’s have duplicate in both communities. It is also expected that the number of people affected by this disease will increase in the coming years due to the increase in life expectancy. Thus, reduce the impact of the disease it will be one of the social and health challenges of the future.

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Studies indicate that the processes and mechanisms related to Alzheimer’s disease appear for the first time several decades before clinical onset of the disease, so the diagnosis is essential to start early treatment. Thus, if the appearances of the disease be delayed for five years and effective treatment is available by 2025, the number of patients expected by 2050 it would be cut in half.


The treatment of dementias must necessarily be approached from a comprehensive intervention perspective. In the CAV, patients and families are at the center of initiatives such as the chronicity care strategy. Your goals are improve health and well-being of affected groups and reduce their effects and consequences through a systemic response.

In addition, it is necessary to disseminate among the population the importance of awareness to control the main risk factors, Since the age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes considerably increase the probability of suffering from dementia. Thus, preventing these risk factors could at least delay the appearance of symptoms. In this sense, experts argue that monitoring these factors could reduce by around 50% the possibility of suffering from a neurological disease.

International research projects

Globally, they are currently carrying out more than 400 clinical trials around Alzheimer’s disease, some of which are in phase II-III. The trials have different approaches depending on the different mechanisms of action and theories involved in the disease. However, the potential treatments that are being investigated the most are those that can be called disease modifiers, that is to say: antiamyloid therapies, phosphorylated tau antiprotein drugs and those that act by enhancing either cholinergic neurotransmission or other neurotransmitters deficient in the disease. Here, the research group of Biocruces Bizkaia has participated in several studies carried out at an international level with first two treatments.

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The anti-amyloid drugs Now in the experimental phase, vaccines provide or produce antibodies against one of the most harmful proteins found in the brain. However, although they are capable of reducing the brain amyloid load of patients, not yet sufficiently demonstrated that this implies a clear clinical improvement. However, after analyzing the data from these investigations, and based on the fact that they reduce the amyloid load, the American Drug Agency (FDA) has authorized the use of these anti-amyloid drugs, a pathway in which the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to be able to commercialize the medicine.

In addition to these proposals, are developing other trials and drugs, and it is likely that in the near future they will combined therapies that combine different mechanisms of action, since the treatments do not have to be exclusive or exclusive. Thus, experts believe that the next few years will be encouraging in this field, since the results of the clinical trials will determine several questions to be able to cope with the ailment.

Projects in Euskadi

Currently, the Basque health system participates in a twenty research projects of Alzheimer’s disease. External financing exceeds 550 000 euros and this amount is used by leading groups that operate through the Health Research Institutes Bioaraba, Biocruces Bizkaia and Biodonostia to conduct research in this field.

In this sense, the current research lines are mainly focused on the improvement of early diagnosis by identifying biomarkers; the study of new treatments and therapeutic targets; improvement and identification; and the preparation of studies on the healthcare approach to the disease and new interventions to improve prevention and cognitive health.

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To carry out these investigations, the health system has platforms such as the Basque Biobank, which manages a pioneering and innovative program of brain donations from healthy people and / or people with neurodegenerative diseases. Thus, this bank collects, stores and transmits to the scientific community biological samples left over from daily healthcare activity for use in research. In fact, to be able to create new prevention and diagnosis tools and find new drugs is it is essential to have biological samples from sick and healthy people.


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