Almost 70 objections to clay pigeon shooting range plan at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Almost 70 objections have been received by Perth and Kinross Council in relation to a planning application for a clay pigeon shooting range and erection of a shelter building and earth bunds by Crieff Hydro Hotel Ltd.

Plans previously put forward to the local authority for a similar facility in 2019 were withdrawn so that specialist noise reports could be commissioned following 12 objections being received at that time, primarily centered around the perceived noise from firing shotguns at targets.

Residents in the surrounding rural area say they are also annoyed that they weren’t notified about the new plans.

Hydro neighbor Glenturret Distillery is one of the objectors.

Distillery manager Ian Renwick states on the PKC planning portal: “We are advocates of local business and community. Normally we applaud the Crieff Hydro Hotel for their ambition and support of the local area. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we feel very strongly that the Crieff Hydro Hotel are not acting in the best interests of the local community. We are concerned that the correct process has not been followed and disappointed that we were not informed of these plans.

“The list of ‘Notifiable Neighbors’ only seems to include addresses which are well away from the shooting range.

“They are all on the opposite side of the hotel. As far as we can obtain, the properties that will be most affected by the noise have not been informed of this new application.

“These areas include Monzie, and the Hosh. Several letters of objection were submitted from these areas in the previous rejected application.

“The Glenturret Distillery did not submit an objection on that occasion, but we now feel we have developed to a point where the proposed clay pigeon shooting range would have a major impact on our business.”

Mr Renwick is calling for Crieff Hydro Hotel to reconsider its application and look at an alternative location.

Others have suggested laser shooting as a more sustainable alternative.

Disturbance and the effects of prolonged gunfire noise on people and animals are said to be the key concerns.

Eleanor Constable’s objection states: “Prior to the submission of this and the previous application I had already submitted numerous complaints in April 2019 to the Hydro regarding clay target shooting noises coming from the Hydro, as well as calling Environmental Health on April 18, 2019 where I spoke with [the] environmental health technical officer [at] Perth and Kinross Council.

“The shooting was so loud that it caused great distress to myself and family and, in light of this, I cannot understand why I have not been notified of this, or indeed the previous application.”

A noise report has been undertaken for the current application, which highlights measures for mitigating the sound.

A spokesperson for Crieff Hydro Hotel said: “We withdrew a similar planning application in July 2019.

“The purpose of doing so was to commission specialist reports to ensure that appropriate noise mitigation measures could be included with any future application.

“That application has now been lodged and to the best of our understanding the current proposal meets all available guidelines.

“We look forward to engaging further with the planning authority who we are confident will provide any further guidance while discharging their statutory duty to take account of any comments that come forward through the public consultation process.

“In doing so they will discern the comments and consult they consider material and relevant to the application. We believe the consultation process laid down by planning legislation is the most effective available.”

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