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Alfredo Sánchez Chacón, a 63-year-old Cordovan known as the Galician Rambo, his last escape from prison lasted almost a year; the third in the last 24 years. Last March, the most wanted criminal in Galicia took advantage of a prison permit to flee from the Monterroso prison in Lugo, where he was serving a sentence for numerous crimes, including one for murder. He had three years left to get his freedom. Last night he was arrested by the Civil Guard in the parish of Loira, in the municipality of Valdoviño, at 0.30, when he tried to force the door of a house in the place of O Calvario to stock up on food and get lost in the mountain again. Sánchez Chacón, a specialist in escapes, is considered by the security forces to be “a round criminal”, that is to say, one who is not averse to any type of crime, and extremely elusive. But now he was emaciated, he was carrying the house on his back (he has been living in the mountains for a year) and showed a marked limp, facts that the armed institute attributes to his prolonged life in the open air.

The residents of the area in which he was arrested last night already suspected the delinquent’s dabbling in the nearby mountains due to the constant theft of food, which they suffered since he had already been surprised by a hunter when he was camping in a forest. And they were alert.

Last night he allegedly tried to force the door of a house in Valdoviño, where his resident and his two children were on guard. The woman called a neighbor of hers, a Civil Guard agent assigned to the San Sadurniño post, who was off duty, while her children called 112. The three went out to see what was happening, but they did not see anything. weird.

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However, they remained on the prowl. That’s when they saw a person come out of the brush with a backpack, a sack and a tent on his back, heading for the road. The guard waved him off. The Galician Rambo tried to flee, but could not, both because of the weight of all the impedimenta he was carrying, and because of the limp he suffers. “He is very old and very damaged,” explained a source from the Civil Guard familiar with the case. The fugitive got rid of the mat to run faster, but after a short gallop, he was caught up.

The fugitive was reduced and transferred for his medical examination to the University Hospital Center of Ferrol, where they verified that he is in good health, and, from there, to the dungeons of the armed institute in Ferrol. Sánchez Chacón had been wanted since March of last year after he had not returned to the prison where he was serving his sentence, Monterroso, in Lugo, after a prison permit.

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The Court of Instruction number 1 of Ferrol has made effective this Thursday the two requisitions of entry into prison of Sánchez Chacón for the execution of two convictions, one for murder of the Court of Pontevedra and another of the Criminal Court 5 of Valencia. The Galician Rambo was serving a sentence for both cases when he took advantage of the permit from March of last year and fled.

Several neighbors next to the house that Rambo Gallego was trying to access.
Several neighbors next to the house that Rambo Gallego was trying to access.slim kiko (EFE)

Sánchez Chacón went to court this morning for the events that occurred last night, a crime of attempted robbery and another of attack, for which the magistrate ordered his release. The Prosecutor’s Office has not requested his entry into prison. The detainee availed himself of his right not to testify. For the rest of the criminal acts, the robberies and thefts allegedly committed during their ambush season in the mountains, the Civil Guard has informed the court that it will carry out an expanded report.

In addition, the Court of Instruction number 1 of Chantada had also issued a search, arrest and appearance order, since the Galician Rambo had not appeared when he was summoned to testify as being investigated for a crime of breach of sentence. As ordered by the Chantada body when it issued the order, he was taken to court and his release was decreed for these facts. In this case, he also accepted his right not to testify. Despite everything, the Galician Rambo will go directly to jail to continue serving his sentence.

Sánchez Chacón’s third escape

This last one is, until now, the third escape of Sánchez Chacón. In 1999 he was arrested after two years mocking the authorities for the umpteenth time after escaping from Vigo prison. Then three legal indictments weighed on him; he had already been arrested 38 times. He was charged with a murder, an attempted murder, rapes, at least 23 robberies and several shootings with the Civil Guard.

His most notorious arrest occurred in March 1997 in a brothel in Xove (Lugo), where he had gone after seven months hiding in the mountains, living in a tent after having killed a 24-year-old during a brawl in the festivals of Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra).

So he spent only nine months in jail. He escaped from Vigo prison along with another inmate by hanging out of a window using the cinematographic method of joined sheets. He managed to get out the front door as if nothing had happened and hours later, after dodging the Civil Guard shots, he crossed the border and entered Portugal. He was arrested in 1999 in Ribadavia (Ourense).

Now, the sixty-year-old Rambo is back in jail. He has been transferred, after a medical examination at the University Hospital Center of Ferrol, to the cells of the Civil Guard where he will remain until he is brought to justice. He faces a new extension of the sentence.

The doubtfully original Rambo alias was given to him by some of the media, impressed by the magnitude of his misdeeds and inspired by his past as a member of the Army’s special corps (he was in the Spanish Army’s Special Operations Corps, COES). Although he was born in Belalcázar (Córdoba) and is the son of a civil guard, Galicia has been the scene of the most notorious outrages of his criminal career. At the time of his arrest in 1997, he had been on the run for eight years from justice and the Civil Guard had trouble identifying him because the most recent photo he had was from a decade ago. However, he has a criminal record in Navarra, the Valencian Community, Murcia… he has almost always been arrested after going to hostess clubs.

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