Alejandro Blanco: “I spoke with Villacís and Almeida; Madrid has to go for the Olympic Games, but we have to start from 0” | The spar

The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco, passed through El Larguero with Manu Carreño after being re-elected for a fifth term at the head of the COE for the 16th year.

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Did they offer you to be president of the Higher Sports Council?

“Yes, they offered me to be president of the CSD: I think that sport is very beautiful when you look at it with the flag of Spain and less when you look at it with a political party.”

You have been re-elected for the fifth time, it is your 16th year.

“There has never been a president for so many years. They are very complicated elections. The assembly has the right to vote. To win they have to endorse you and then to vote. For me, the most important thing is that 100% of the federations have endorsed me That must be that they are happy with how we manage it. ”

“For me it is more important that you endorse 100 that there is a blank vote. We have been giving a show of unity and I am left with that.”

What is the best? The best day of these 16 years?

“The day to day. I would not take away any day: neither the good nor the bad. I am clear which is the worst day, but I am not clear which is the best. For me to be for athletes.”

And the worst?

“On September 7, 2013, in Buenos Aires. That was when the Olympics rejected the candidacy. We lost the match and well lost. We started the bets 10 to 1 with Tokyo. But then everyone said ‘Madrid, Madrid’. We had in against the risk premium. We had to adapt some new games adapted to our new model. ”

Almost better that they hadn’t given them to us, right?

“Things happen for a reason. The great pending subject is some games, but it is not from Alejandro Blanco, it is from the COE. We have something that very few countries have: people’s passion for sports. Polls, 98% of Spaniards wanted the games. If we have a sports, organizational level and that Madrid is one of the most prepared cities “.

Here Begoña Villacís said yes and Mayor Almeida said no …

“I have had meetings with Begoña and the mayor and the conclusion is that Madrid has to go for some games, but we have to start the road from zero. Creating three or four events per year and see what is the moment for the candidacy. We are here. in 2021 and talking about 36 … The evolution of sport makes us have to be reflective and realistic “.

With the possible creation of the Super League, are you afraid that it will become a private event?

“I don’t want to think about it, but I see that the sports organization changes in an exponential way. Nothing is ruled out. The changes are every day, we will see what there is. To see when we have to talk to the IOC.”

The WTA has suspended all its tournaments in China due to the Peng Shuai case.

“I spoke to the IOC and they told me that the president had had a telephone conversation and that they will have a meeting with her in January. Respecting the tough situation that the tennis player has gone through, they suspended the circuit. You have to see where the truth is and support it. to her for whatever she needs. ”

Do you understand that the ATP has not canceled anything?

I understand everyone’s position. What is a reality is that this girl has had a serious problem and that the one who has done it, pays. Since I don’t have the truth, I don’t decide. Now in January it will be seen how it is. If tomorrow the president of the IOC sees that freedom is lacking, they will be the first to take action. ”

Are the winter Olympics in China dangerous?

“I do not think it will reach that level, but I do denounce the situation and that the Chinese government will make the culprit pay.”

Seeing the complaints that there are to celebrate sporting events such as the World Cup in Qatar or the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, do you understand that there are people against it?

“There will always be people against it. In Spain a person donated 300 million euros to hospitals and people thought it was wrong. I think it is very important that sport goes to all countries.”

What score do you give Tebas, president of the League, and Rubiales, president of the Federation?

“In the COE there are the federations, not the private entities. But I have not come to score points. I can only say that Rubiales is an extraordinary president, he has modernized the Cup. It is a united Federation, but I also value positively what Tebas does in LaLiga From then on it would be great if they got along well with each other. I am a good friend of Rubiales, we are called brothers. ”

Do you understand the criticism of the CVC and LaLiga economic agreement?

“The clubs are companies. And if the clubs are interested, nobody can question it. The problem is that it can depend on their economic capacity.”

Will Pau Gasol one day be president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)?

“Yes. One day I received a call from him and he asked me about his future. He has no limits, he is known everywhere. I think Pau is as great on as he is off the pitch. But let him decide his future.”

“8 years ago I proposed to him to be a candidate for IOC member. He asked me what I had to do. And he told me that from September to May he could not move from the US I will not be a candidate for something that I cannot do. That’s Pau. ”

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