Alegría sees Ayuso’s scholarship proposal “twisted”

The Minister of Education, Pillar Joyhas qualified “twisted” the proposal of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP), to grant educational scholarships to families that earn more than 100,000 euros a year.

Those families, the minister assured in an interview on TVE, They don’t need that kind of help. and they have no problem getting their children to study.” For this reason, he believes that Ayuso’s proposal implies “taking rights away from people and families who need them and giving them to those who can perfectly afford their children’s studies.”

Joy has pointed out that the “clear objective” of the scholarships is to give help “to young people who need it to study” a university degree or a FP. “Most of the young people in this country need them”, she has assured, and has given the example of the children of teachers, policemen, plumbers or journalists. “Families working middle class, ordinary and humble people that they need them so that their children can continue studying: that is the natural objective of scholarships”.

In his opinion, “it never ceases to be eye-catching” that the PP “refers to incomes of more than 100,000 euros as middle and working class” when “the latest data from the INE of the average salary is 28,000 euros”.

Ayuso’s proposal has generated a barrage of criticism from the left. The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, said this Monday that these scholarships are “violent” the meaning of public policy as a tool to redistribute wealth and promote equality.

But the general secretary of the PP and national spokesperson for the party, Cuca Gamarra, also supported Ayuso this Monday. He explained that what has occurred is an “increase in scholarships for those who were already entitled to them” and an “expansion of the scope that can access them.” “And the amount of the same will be balanced based on the rent.” And then asked if the Popular Party assumes Ayuso’s scholarship policy, the general secretary of the PP has assured that “it is a proposal that a president of the Popular Party has made and, therefore, yes.”

Ensures that UP was informed of the extraordinary credit for Defense

Although it is not her responsibility, the head of Education has been asked about the new clashes between the PSOE and United Podemos, partners of the coalition government, following the extraordinary credit of 1,000 million euros in Defense. And it is that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, has denied that it was a consensual proposal and has asked for “respect” for her formation, which rejects both an increase in defense spending and the expansion from four to six US destroyers. at the base of Rota.

We have a healthy habit of explaining to the entire Council of Ministers the issues that we are going to deal with previously”, Alegría assured, asked if the ‘purple’ ministers were informed of the contingency fund that was going to be taken to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. A fund that does not require a debate in the Congress of Deputies.

Despite the rejection of its coalition partners, Alegría has been convinced that “an agreement will be reached” about what he has described as a “clear bet” by Sánchez to “make the country’s security stronger.”

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