Alec Baldwin Case: “I didn’t pull the trigger”

Alec Baldwin has given his first interview after the tragedy that occurred during the filming of the movie ‘Rust’ in which the actor accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, after firing a prop pistol that was supposedly blank and that according to what he said “he assumed it was not loaded.”

The actor has spoken about this tragic incident on the American network ‘ABC’ in an interview with journalist George Stephanopoulos in which, visibly affected, he has assured that “I did not pull the trigger.” “I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger,” he added.

During the interview, Baldwin said that “it is agony to think that someone put a real bullet in the gun that was fired on set.” And he has described this incident as “the worst thing that has happened to him in his life.”

One of the most emotional moments has occurred when the actor began, through tears, to talk about Hutchins: “He was a person loved and admired by all.”

“Someone is responsible, but it is not me”

The actor has denied responsibility and stressed that “he didn’t pull the trigger” during the trial that killed Hutchins. “I feel like someone is responsible for what happened, but I know it’s not me.” “I could have committed suicide if I believed that I was responsible and I do not say it lightly,” he added.

In his first public description of what happened, Baldwin said that the Colt revolver went off while I was rehearsing camera angles with Hutchins. “She was next to the camera. The camera was here. She was giving me instructions on how she wanted the angle of the scene and I drew the gun.”

She has explained to the presenter that she was not pointing at the camera lens, “I held the gun where she told me to.” He has described the situation to her and has indicated that she asked him to “act out the shot” and when he finished cocking the pistol “it fired itself”.

After the shot Baldwin stood for a minute next to her, who was still conscious and in ‘shock’ until she finally fainted.
“Everybody was horrified,” he said.

At first, Baldwin thought the cinematographer had fainted and it wasn’t until hours later that he learned she had died.

In spite of everything, the actor does not believe that they will “accuse him of something criminal” and has insisted that it was not his job to control the weapon after the criticism he has received for not having done so. “When the person who was in charge of that job handed me the gun, I trust him. In the 40 years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve never had a problem. ”

Last October, it was learned that during filming Baldwin was notified that the prop pistol he used had no bullets, according to the affidavit in the possession of the Santa Fe County court, in the state of New Mexico.

The documents claimed that production assistant Dave Halls yelled “cold gun,” as pistols without live ammunition are known in movie jargon, when he handed him the gun.

The incident, including how the live ammunition arrived on set, is still being investigated by New Mexico authorities and there are no criminal charges yet filed.

Despite the fact that two workers have filed civil lawsuits accusing Baldwin, the producers and others of negligence and lax security protocols on the set, the actor has said that he did not see “any security problems on the set before the accident.”

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