Aldi electric fitted sheet: the latest special purchase bought by shoppers will help everyone sleep soundly


With temperatures dropping and energy bills rising, exactly how hot our house needs to be at night is currently a hotly debated topic of conversation, no pun intended.

I strongly believe that when temperatures regularly drop to -1 degree each night, we should leave the radiator on at least the lowest setting to take the chill out of the bedroom.

My husband, on the other hand, basically thinks this is like burning twenty pound notes.

As the weather has changed, I’ve tried a variety of tactics to keep warm at night, from wearing hoodies and socks to bed to spending £7.99 on Aldi’s hot water bottle, but the bottom line is I am very cold and my husband does not like to overheat.

Aldi Specialbuys’ latest selection includes a device that has put us both to sleep happily: an electric blanket.

Currently reduced by £10 to just £34.99 for the twin version (king is priced at £49.99), buyers have been snapping it up since it went on sale earlier this week, with dozens of reviewers giving it five stars. .

Having had the chance to try one, I can see why.

The Aldi blanket
The Aldi blanket

The blanket has a deep elastic hem like a fitted sheet that keeps it securely in place so there are no worries of it slipping during the night if you’re a restless sleeper.

It’s well-stitched, thick, and as quilted as a fancy quilted mattress topper, which is ideal because it meant there was no problem with the innards of the blanket digging into us while we slept, especially once I put my regular sheet on. on top of it.

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Putting it on the mattress and making the bed was easy.

The cords were easily stored behind the bed so it didn’t look cluttered or risk being a tripping hazard and the only thing to keep in mind was making sure the controls were at the end of the pillow.

That’s right, controls in the plural.

Because the most wonderful element of the blanket is that it comes with two sets of controls.

So my husband was able to leave his side of the bed cold with determination, while I snuck out to get on the side of the bed half an hour before bedtime so I could tuck myself into a cozy, comfy cocoon.

Getting into bed was wonderful.

No more sleeping in a hoodie for me.

The blanket has six different heat levels.

Aldi recommends that the hottest setting, level 6, should only be used to warm the bed before getting into it. Levels 2-5 should not be used for more than a couple of hours at a time, but if you want to stay warm all night, you can keep the heat on level 1.

After setting it to 6 for bed the first night, I turned it down to 3 while reading a couple of chapters of my book before turning it down to 1 when it was time to turn off the lights.

I was hot during the night and more importantly my husband wasn’t too hot so we both slept comfortably with no tossing or complaining.

It’s the best night’s sleep any of us have had in a long time.

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Obviously waking up in the morning was still a bit chilly, but I’m happy to commit to that if we can sleep comfortably through the night and save on heating bills at the same time.

The underblanket comes with safety features, which means it will automatically turn itself off after ten hours.

It also automatically shuts off in the event of overheating, which is reassuring.

You can even wash it at 30 degrees in the washing machine if you need to, although I don’t need to do that yet and don’t plan on taking the connectors out of the blanket until absolutely necessary in case they do. re complicated to put back.

When the email from Aldi Specialbuys arrives in my inbox each week, I always take a look to see what fun things are available.

But as much as I love the idea of ​​quirky items like this Raclette Grill and Fondue Set or the Retro Boombox Music Player, I’m constantly amazed at the quality of home goods that would tempt me if I saw them at John Lewis. or Lakeland, but I probably wouldn’t risk spending the money in case I didn’t use them.

My Aldi heated aerator fits firmly into that category, saving me not only £100 on the Lakeland equivalent, but hundreds more on a tumble dryer purchase which we’ve now decided we can wait for.

This heated blanket has joined the list as another classic device that I will use during the winter.

At this rate, it will soon be time to invest in the Aldi Lover Hoodie.

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I won’t need to use it in bed to keep warm though.


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