Albert Serra and his rivals for a Palme d’Or

What do we call a Palme d’Or film? Surely one that combines narrative brilliance with a novel use of cinematographic language. Now that the festival celebrates its 75th edition, let’s look at the previous round anniversary, the 50 years it celebrated in 1996. That year, the jury chaired by Francis Ford Coppola had to choose none other than breaking the waves, Fargo, Crash either Secrets and Lies (which was finally the winner).

Let’s go back to 2022. Are there a handful of such strong films in the official section? It doesn’t seem like it: the level of the competition seems to have been a bit below other editions. The Cannes 2022 films may not seem set in stone, but good cinema has been screened in a handful of very good films. Without a resounding work, the winners, that from 8:30 p.m. announces the jury chaired by Vincent Lindon, is more uncertain.

61 years ago the only Palme d’Or for a Spanish filmmaker: Luis Bunuelby viridian (aside from the Palme d’Or for best short film for time code in 2016). This year, Albert Serra can second the feat with its hypnotic Pacificion, which is among the most relevant films in the official section and with the best reception at Cannes. This is the review of the best of two weeks of cinema.

Closeby Lukas Dhont

Subtle, elegant, beautiful and deeply painful. The film that gathers the most consensus for the Palme d’Or. The favourite. the belgian director lukas dhont31 years old, repeats a good part of the virtues that he pointed out in his debutGirl. The friendship between two children is interrupted and the mourning and guilt can almost be touched in the images. A delicate film, close to a miracle due to the performances of the leading actors. Dhont would be the youngest Palme d’Or winner since Steven Soderbergh in 1989, a milestone for a contest that is usually filled with established directors.

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Pacificionby Albert Serra

Albert Serra delivered his film two days before the closing date in Cannes and has blown up the festival. Pacificion It is Serra’s least radical film, but the most radical of the festival.

A hallucinated atmospheric intrigue in which a high official of the French state (Benoît Magimel) intuits that France wants to resume nuclear tests in Tahiti. Pacificion It has fascinated and polarized, but it only has to agree with nine people from a jury.

‘Pacifiction’, by Albert Serra: the Spanish film that opts for the Palme d’Or at Cannes

Decision to leaveby Park Chan-Wook

Visual goldsmith. Film noir with hypertrophied aesthetics. Difficult to ignore a feast full of clichés but joyfully narrated. Park Chan WookJury Prize with oldboy, aspires to a second Palme d’Or for South Korea after that of parasites in 2019 with a plot of not to go romantic, innocent, and dotted with a sense of humor.

NMR, by Cristian Mungiu

An ultimatum to xenophobia and male violence. Moral claustrophobia in a town in Transylvania with latent and patent violence. Already winner of the Palme d’Or, the Romanian Christian Mungiu (Four months, three weeks and two days in 2008) signs his most allegorical film with a solid drama that deals with exactly the same themes as as bestasRodrigo Sorogoyen’s film presented at Cannes out of competition.

Eoby Jerzy Skolimowski

The UFO of Cannes 2022. A film with a visual and sound power that almost saturates. At the age of 84, the veteran Polish filmmaker pays tribute Random Baltasar (1966), by Robert Bresson and takes a donkey as an observer of the human donkey. Eoa donkey that dreams of being a horse and runs away running into different human groups, in a naturalistic allegation that, incidentally, criticizes barbarism, with a special chapter for the neo-Nazis present in Poland.

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The triangle of sadnessby Ruben Ostlund

The laughter of the festival. Swedish Ruben Östlund, fine and twisted winner of the Palme d’Or for The square, bets on pure comedy with a farce that subverts class and gender roles. A raunchy little luxury cruise ship is shipwrecked and the survivors create a new society on a desert island. A reminder of the fragility of cultural constructions.

Tori and Lokitaby Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

The biggest drawback to awarding the new from the Dardenne brothers is the Dardenne brothers’ track record of success, two-time winners of the Palme d’Or. Tori and Lokita plays in the league of his great films. The story of two immigrant children who live in the limbo of a juvenile center and are exploited by traffickers and mafias. An emotional punch and especially hard for what they are used to.

eight mountainsby Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch

Beautiful story about male friendship over three decades set in the Italian Alps. The Belgian couple films a story of silent men with contained lyricism, only weighed down by the excess of underlined message of the novel by Paolo Cognetti on which it is based. The beauty of the high mountains, sublime and incomprehensible, perfectly frames the search, also inexplicable, for the meaning of life.

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