Albares asks UP for a “reflection” on defense spending

The foreign minister, Jose Manuel Albareshas asked for a “reflection” to the “left of the left of the PSOE”in reference to United We Canabout his refusal to support the increased defense spending progressively up to 2% of GDP in 2029: “The hallmark of the progressive and left-wing forces is the protection of our citizens, and within them, of the most vulnerable.”

In an interview in The Hour of TVE 1the minister has spoken along the same lines as the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and has called on the United We Can space to reflect on the fact that “insecurity, at a national or international level, always disproportionately hits the most vulnerable and the weakest. So what this increased spending is about is “offer that protection to those who need it most”also with external threats, and has compared it to the new anti-crisis decree that the coalition Executive approved last Saturday.

“The obligation of every government is to protect the citizens and declaring yourself alien to wars does not imply that war does not seek you”has underlined.

This Thursday, at the end of the NATO summit in Madrid, Sánchez asked for “a country commitment” to be able to progressively increase defense spending until it reaches 2% of GDP in 2029. Thus, there will be an increase in the General State Budget project for 2023. But United We Can has already warned that it will vote against, also its ministers within of the government.

Albares recalled that Finland and Sweden, whose “sign of identity” for a long time has been “neutrality and pacifism”, but the fact that they have applied to join NATO, he added, shows that “today the neutrality scheme does not protect them”.

See “illegitimate” the condition of the PP to support the rise in Defense

While, the PP is in favor of this increase in defensive resources, but has conditioned for there to be a proposal with a “joint position within the government”with which it warns that it could not support the rise if United We Can does not.

Asked about this issue, Albares has said that “he does not understand it”: “I find it strange and even illegitimate that the main force of the opposition says that it is going to direct the direction of its vote according to a third party that indicates it”, criticized the minister. “But what autonomy does that force have?” The head of Foreign Affairs has asked himself, who has said that the Popular Party “must tell the Spaniards what it thinks about their safety and protection” and has assured that the popular’ “will respond to the voters.”

Finally, Albares has made a reflection and it is that every generation has to live “a specific time”. “We cannot face the challenges of 2022 and the years to come”, where the Russian threat and the hybrids on the southern flank “will last for many years”, with old formulas. “We have to protect the Spaniards and We cannot respond to the threats of 2022 with recipes from the 80s”has had an impact, for which he has stressed that the Government is going to help “this dialogue and reflection”.

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