Álava launches a project to face unwanted loneliness among the elderly


Araba ready


According to the Provincial Council, 16,000 people over the age of 65 live alone in the territory. The project aims, in the next four years, to build a social support network for the elderly.

The Provincial Council of Álava has launched “Araba a punto”, a strategy whose challenge is to combat the unwanted loneliness of older people of the territory, which will be developed over the next four years (2021-2024).

The initiative was presented this Thursday at the Artium museum by the provincial deputy for Social Policies, Emilio Sola, who stressed that “if the loneliness of the elderly is a growing and alarming problem in itself, the current situation of pandemic provoked by the covid-19 has shown that it is an issue that must be addressed as a priority, with depth and effectiveness. “

In Álava, around 16,000 people over 65 live alone, and of which a 70% are women, according to data provided by the deputy. In addition, the territory has a very high population aging in the rural area.

The “Araba a Punto” project defends a “working model focused on weave nets, hilar meeting points between different people, agents, and institutions. “First, the network will be created “Araba to Punto Sarea”, which will aim to “sensitize and involve the population of Alava” about the need to prevent any elderly person from feeling lonely. This network will design a community action plan, which will prioritize the practice of actions that help to prevent situations of loneliness, to sensitize the population, to inform and make existing resources visible and to guarantee a professional and quality intervention.

Likewise, the Provincial Council of Álava will launch a pilot project of “School of Solitudes” which will be located in Llodio and will open its doors in September. The school’s mission is to increase social skills as a prevention tool.

Finally, the participation of the elderly will be promoted with “special attention to intergenerational opportunities” and socio-cognitive training will be promoted, promoting research and innovation in products, services and processes that help to alleviate the negative effects produced by a situation. sustained unwanted loneliness.

The “Araba ready” strategy shares objectives with the Etxean Bai project, launched recently by the Provincial Council of Álava. As highlighted by Emilio Sola, “it is a model that allows full and responsible aging, satisfactory for older people, based on the desire expressed by most of them, to want to grow old at home. With Etxean Bai we are going to address a new model of care for people at home “.

All those interested in participating in the project can consult the details on the initiative’s website.


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