Alava day centers are enabled to care for infected elderly people




They will exclusively attend to those elderly people in the provincial residential centers who may test positive for coronavirus or who have acute respiratory symptoms.

The Provincial Council of Álava has enabled its day centers that are now unused so they can attend exclusively to those older people from provincial residential centers who may test positive for coronavirus or who have symptoms acute respiratory. The centers that are in the process of adaptation are located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Laudio-Llodio and Agurain-Salvatierra.

As reported by the regional institution, it continues to take extreme health and preventive measures to try to avoid contagions in provincial residential centers, especially those for the elderly as they are the sector with the greatest vulnerability in this health alert situation.

However, forecasts of the health authorities of an increase in infections in the coming weeks They have led the Provincial Council of Álava to begin the adaptation of the day centers, now without activity, so that they can serve as accommodation for the elderly in the provincial residential network who need to be cared for with isolation measures.

It is considered that these day centers, duly authorized, will be able to offer temporary residential care to the elderly with all the guarantees of well-being and safety, since, although they are attached to the residences, they function autonomously.

With this measure, the Provincial Council of Álava anticipates the possible worsening of the ability to spread COVID-19 and responds to the consequences that may arise from this health emergency in the care of the elderly residing in the provincial centers.

Cases registered among users of the provincial network of residences

This Friday, five people users of the regional residential network were hospitalized due to coronavirus, four of them reside in two homes for people with intellectual disabilities (Easo and Martín Saracibar), managed by a Third Sector entity. The fifth person hospitalized comes from the IFBS residence for the elderly Samaniego, located in the municipality of the same name.

Other seven users of the residential regional network have tested positive for Covid-19 and remain attended in their centers: The IFBS residences for the elderly Zadorra and Ajuria register three and two positive cases, respectively; and the Ariznabarra residential center two other cases.

It should be remembered that in Vitoria, the San Martin de Sanitas residence, privately managed, is a major focus of disease. Of its 90 residents, 45 have already tested positive and 8 have died. The families are outraged.

Follow the recommendations against coronavirus from the health authorities. In front of fake newsPay attention only to official sources. If you have doubts or have symptoms after having traveled to an area where the disease is transmitted, you can call the Health Council’s telephone number: 900 20 30 50 (CAV) and 948 290 290 (Navarra). Remember, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is he hand washing; masks are only recommended if you have symptoms or have contact with the elderly or immunosuppressed

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