Air ambulance team share ‘brutal’ message resident sent after being woken up


The unknown person wrote a blistering message to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance demanding to know why they had been flying at 4am – and said they would no longer donate

Hants & IOW Air Ambulance
The service were flooded with compliments from well-wishers

It’s never ideal to be woken up from a deep slumber – but surely nobody could be that angry when the disturbance was caused by the emergency services…would they?

Well, it turns out some people have no shame – including one unnamed resident who was left fuming after being woken up by an air ambulance.

The resident sent a blistering message to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance demanding that they “explain” why they had been flying at 4 am that morning.

They also threatened to stop donating to the vital service over the issue.

Twitter users were left reeling in disbelief after the service shared a screenshot of the rude message on social media.

The rude message went viral


Hants & IOW Air Amb)

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The message said: “Can you explain why you decided to fly at 1750 ft from St Mary’s Hospital to Southampton General Hospital at 4 am over residential properties – waking occupants.

“Inconsiderate i think, will NO longer be donating to your cause.”

The ambulance team added: “We always try our best to be there for the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, but messages like this, really affect our teams’ morale.

“We are sorry the helicopter wakes people up at night, but it is not our intention to disrupt your evening, but rather save someone’s life.”

But thousands of people came to the crew’s defence – with one outraged social media dubbing the complaint “brutal.”

One person commented: “Addenbrookes air ambulance often flies over our town, my first thought is always hoping that whoever involved is OK, not how bothersome a few seconds of noise is! Who the heck are these people?”

Another added: “We live on one of your frequently used flight paths to UHS – every single time I hear HM56, I never fail to take a moment to be grateful for the amazing service you provide!

“You are all truly remarkable, never forget that!!”

A third wrote: “To all emergency personnel. Do not ever worry about waking me in order to do your jobs, do not ever worry about delaying me in order to do your jobs.

“You are trying to save lives which seriously outranks my sleep or inconvenience. Keep up the good work.”

A veteran with PTSD also chimed in, as they revealed that the sound of a helictor can trigger them.

Regardless, he added: “but every time I see or hear yours, it helps knowing you’re there helping someone…whatever time of day. I’ve always donated and will continue to do so. Cheers for what you do.”

The air ambulance team responded to the slew of kind messages: “We are genuinely overwhelmed by your kind replies.

“Sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve had a complaint like this and it probably won’t be our last, but it’s reassuring to know you are there for us.”

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