Aid from France, Portugal and Italy for carriers


The Government has offered this Monday to carriers an “effective” reduction in the price of fuel equivalent to 500 million euros, in line with what was announced in other European countries, on the eighth day of indefinite strike of carriers. “We are going to adopt measures that follow the structure of those of other countries such as France, Italy and Portugal“, said the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez.

The reduction in the price of diesel will be applied from the entry into force of the royal decree-law, which will be approved on March 29, specifically following a model similar to that of France, as explained by the minister.

In order to specify the amount of the aid, this Friday the Minister of Transport will meet again with the employers and the unions. At the moment, the measure, announced after the meeting with the National Committee for Road Transport, has not convinced some large employers in the sector that have joined the indefinite strike called by the Platform for the Defense of the Transport of Goods by Road.

These are the measures approved by France, Italy and Portugal for carriers:

France launches a plan of 400 million euros

The plan launched by the French Government to alleviate the rise in fuel prices for carriers, on which the Spanish Executive has been inspired, is endowed with 400 million euros and will benefit some 520,000 vehicles.

This measure has served to call off the strike that was scheduled for this Monday, which despite its cancellation did not completely extinguish isolated protests by independent truck drivers, taxi drivers and fishermen.

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Those 400 million go to reinforce the treasury of companies based on a scale for which each coach will receive 1,000 euros and trucks, depending on the tonnage, between 400 euros for those of less than 7.5 tons and 1,300 for articulated trucks with a trailer.

Vans, ambulances and other medical vehicles will be allocated 300 euros. This device is added to another announced this month that will mean a discount at gas stations of 0.15 euros per liter of fuel for all private or professional consumers from April 1 and for four months.

Italy will reduce the liter price of gasoline by 0.25 euros

The government of Italy has also already approved a decree to deal with the rise in prices of the fuel. In this case, it will reduce by 0.25 euros the special taxes on the price of a liter of gasoline and diesel, as confirmed by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

The text, approved unanimously by the Council of Ministers and which includes other aid amounting to 4,400 million euros, provides for a reduction of 0.25 euros on these fuels for one monthUntil April 30.

Draghi explained in a press conference that “great part” of these measures will not be financed by public coffers but “taxing a part of the extraordinary profits that producers are making thanks to the increase in the costs of raw materials”.

Portugal discounts up to 0.30 euros per liter

In the case of our neighboring country, Portugal, the Government has reached an agreement with the transport associations that includes a bonus of up to 0.30 euros per liter of diesel for transport vehicles of up to 35 tons, which is limited to 0.20 euros per liter in the case of trucks of greater tonnage.

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Also, it is established identical bonus of 0.30 euros for the supply of the AdBlue additive necessary for the operation of vehicle engines, as well as a series of tax measures to facilitate the deferred payment of taxes levied on the activity.

To facilitate the application of these subsidy measures, which will be valid for at least three monthsthe Government will implement a direct reimbursement system at gas stations in collaboration with the oil companies, in order to contribute to the improvement of the transporters’ treasury.


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