Agreement in principle for a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol

Ukraine announced this Wednesday an agreement in principle to open a humanitarian corridor from Mariupolfor which they will try to get out of this city in the south of the country about 6,000 civiliansmainly women, children and the elderly.

“Given the catastrophic humanitarian situationwe are going to focus our efforts on evacuating these people,” said Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, reports the Ukrinform portal. 90 buses are ready by the time the agreement becomes effective.

RussiaHowever still has not confirmed that it has agreed to the opening of a safe way. In the last three days no humanitarian corridor had been openedneither in that city nor in other parts of the east of the country, due to lack of security guarantees.

The mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boishenko, who has left the port city, considers that there are still some 100,000 civilians.

the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas warned that the situation in the city is “the most serious possible”.

More than a thousand civilians have been killed and more than five million have left Ukraine as refugees since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24.

New Russian ultimatum to the last defenders of Mariupol

Russia has given a new ultimatum to the fighters of the Azov battalion and to the Ukrainian soldiers who still resist in the industrial complex of the steel plant in Azovstal to lay down their arms and surrender before 2:00 p.m. local time. This is the third ultimatum this week.

According to local authorities, There are at least a thousand civilians in the plant, most of them women and children.

In a video broadcast on social networks, one of the defenders has assured that they are being heavily bombed and that there are 500 wounded.

“The enemy is ten times bigger than us,” said Sergei Wolyna, an officer of the 36th Brigade of the Marine Corps, in a video in which calls for an international “extraction” operation. According to this military man, Mariupol has “days, if not hours” left to fall into Russian hands.

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Russia continues to concentrate troops in the east

Meanwhile, the Russian military presence on Ukraine’s eastern border continues to increase, while fighting on the donbas they intensify after the beginning of the Russian offensive to control this zone.

According to the daily report of the British intelligence, the Russian attacks try to interrupt the movement of Ukrainian reinforcements and armament towards that region.

The Russian operation is mainly focused on heavy air and artillery shelling along the front line, from Izyum in the northeast to Mykolaivin the south, more than in ground offensives, according to the latest report from the Institute for the Study of War.

Oleksiy Arestovych, advisor to President Zelenski, has assured that the Ukrainian troops have managed to stop the advances towards the town of Slovyanskin the Donetsk region.

This information could not be verified by independent sources.

Moscow hands kyiv a written agreement proposal

While this is happening on the battlefield, talks continue between the two contenders, which have not produced any results so far.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has reported that have handed Ukraine a written agreement proposaland now they are waiting for your response.” As of today, we handed over to the Ukrainian side our draft document that includes absolutely clear and developed formulations. The ball is in his court, we await an answer,” Peskov said.

However, there is no deadline for the response and Peskov has also not specified what the conditions of the Russian side are.. However, he has accused the Ukrainians of having no interest in advancing the negotiations.

According to Peskov, Ukrainian delegates constantly change their positions and previous agreements. “Naturally, this has very bad consequences from the point of view of the effectiveness of the talks,” he added.

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharovahas gone further and has accused the Ukrainian government of being “managed from the outside” and using the talks as a “diversionary maneuver”.

Una imagen fija de un folleto puesto a disposición por el servicio de prensa del Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia que muestra humo saliendo de la planta de acero de Azovstal, en Mariúpol, durante los ataques aéreos de los cazabombarderos rusos Su-34. El ataque se ha producido un día después de que las tropas ucranianas refugiadas en la planta de Azovstal rechazaran el ultimátum de las Fuerzas Armadas rusas de deponer las armas


n”,”imgRatio”:1.5878634639696587,”seo”:”resistencia-tropas-ucranianas-planta-azovstal”,”alt”:”Resistencia de las tropas ucranianas en la planta de Azovstal”,”title”:”Resistencia de las tropas ucranianas en la planta de Azovstal”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/Servicio de Prensa del Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Resistencia de las tropas ucranianas en la planta de Azovstal”,”encodedTitle”:”Resistencia%20de%20las%20tropas%20ucranianas%20en%20la%20planta%20de%20Azovstal”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650454738034.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650454738034.jpg”},”description”:”

Una imagen fija del folleto puesto a disposición por el servicio de prensa del Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia que muestra un cazabombardero ruso Su-34 preparándose para despegar para llevar a cabo un ataque aéreo en la planta de acero de Azovstal en Mariúpol. El ataque ha sido ordenado  un día después de que las tropas ucranianas refugiadas en la planta de Azovstal rechazaran el ultimátum de las Fuerzas Armadas rusas de deponer las armas. Según el Ayuntamiento de Mariúpol, más de un millar de civiles se refugian bajo la planta junto con los soldados.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.6118836915297092,”seo”:”ataque-tropas-rusas-sobre-aceria-azovstal-mariupol”,”alt”:”Ataque de las tropas rusas sobre la acería Azovstal de Mariúpol”,”title”:”Ataque de las tropas rusas sobre la acería de Azovstal de Mariúpol”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/Servicio de Prensa del Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Ataque de las tropas rusas sobre la acería de Azovstal de Mariúpol”,”encodedTitle”:”Ataque%20de%20las%20tropas%20rusas%20sobre%20la%20acer%C3%ADa%20de%20Azovstal%20de%20Mari%C3%BApol”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650452483153.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650452483153.jpg”},”description”:”

Funeral por Yuri Kushnir, muerto al alcanzar un misil ruso un taller de montaje de neumáticos, en Novoyavorivsk, en la región de Leópolis, al oeste de Ucrania. 

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n”,”imgRatio”:1.4998636487592036,”seo”:”ataques-rusia-oeste-ucrania”,”alt”:”Ataques de Rusia al este de Ucrania”,”title”:”Ataques de Rusia al oeste de Ucrania”,”sign”:”REUTERS/Pavlo Palamarchuk”,”source”:null,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Ataques de Rusia al oeste de Ucrania”,”encodedTitle”:”Ataques%20de%20Rusia%20al%20oeste%20de%20Ucrania”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650446530067.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650446530067.jpg”},”description”:”

El presidente del Consejo Europeo, Charles Michel, en el centro de la imagen, es recibido este miércoles por la viceprimera ministra ucraniana para Asuntos Europeos e Integración Euroatlántica, Olga Stefanishyna (a la izquierda), a su llegada en tren a Kiev, donde prevé reunirse con el presidente ucraniano Volodimir Zelenski. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.4997620180866253,”seo”:”presidente-del-consejo-europeo-visita-kiev”,”alt”:”El presidente del Consejo Europeo visita Kiev”,”title”:”El presidente del Consejo Europeo visita Kiev”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/Dario Pignatelli”,”source”:null,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”El presidente del Consejo Europeo visita Kiev”,”encodedTitle”:”El%20presidente%20del%20Consejo%20Europeo%20visita%20Kiev”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650452494592.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650452494592.jpg”},”description”:”

Las presidentas de los parlamentos de Polonia, Eløbieta Witek (segunda por la derecha), Letonia, Inara Murniece (tercera por la derecha), Austria, Christine Schwarz Fuchs, Bélgica, Eliane Tillieux y Chipre, Anita Dimitriu, durante su visita a la frontera polaco-ucraniana en Dorohusk, Polonia oriental. Desde el 24 de febrero, cuando Rusia invadió Ucrania, 2,86 millones de personas han cruzado la frontera polaco-ucraniana hacia Polonia, según ha informado la Guardia Fronteriza.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”visita-frontera-polaco-ucraniana”,”alt”:”Las presidentas de los parlamentos de Polonia, Eløbieta Witek (segunda por la derecha), Letonia, Inara Murniece (tercera por la derecha), Austria, Christine Schwarz Fuchs, Bélgica, Eliane Tillieux y Chipre, Anita Dimitriu, durante su visita a la fron”,”title”:”Visita a la frontera polaco-ucraniana”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/RAFAL GUZ”,”source”:null,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Visita a la frontera polaco-ucraniana”,”encodedTitle”:”Visita%20a%20la%20frontera%20polaco-ucraniana”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650453679346.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650453679346.jpg”},”description”:”

Niños ucranianos durante una lección de polaco en la escuela primaria de Lodz, en Polonia central, según ACNUR. La guerra en Ucrania ha forzado a más de cinco millones de personas a abandonar el país. 

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5,”seo”:”mas-cinco-millones-refugiados-guerra”,”alt”:”Polish language lesson for Ukrainian children in Lodz”,”title”:”Más de cinco millones de refugiados por la guerra”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/ROMAN ZAWISTOWSKI”,”source”:null,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Más de cinco millones de refugiados por la guerra”,”encodedTitle”:”M%C3%A1s%20de%20cinco%20millones%20de%20refugiados%20por%20la%20guerra”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650453903535.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1650453903535.jpg”},”description”:”

Estas imágenes muestran restos de metralla y una bala AK47 (a la izquierda en la segunda fila) recuperadas por cirujanos de los cuerpos de soldados ucranianos heridos, en un hospital militar en Zaporiyia.

n”,”imgRatio”:2,”seo”:”restos-metralla-extraidos-hospital-militar”,”alt”:”Restos de metralla extraídos en un hospital militar “,”title”:”Restos de metralla extraídos en un hospital militar”,”sign”:”Ed JONES / AFP”,”source”:null,”date”:”20.04.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Restos de metralla extraídos en un hospital militar”,”encodedTitle”:”Restos%20de%20metralla%20extra%C3%ADdos%20en%20un%20hospital%20militar”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}}]” data-img_server=””>

    Resistance of the Ukrainian troops at the Azovstal plant

    A still image from a brochure made available by the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service showing smoke billowing from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol during air strikes by Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers. The attack came a day after Ukrainian troops sheltered at the Azovstal plant rejected the ultimatum of the Russian Armed Forces to lay down their arms.


    Attack by Russian troops on Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks

    A still image from the handout made available by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry showing a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber preparing to take off to carry out an airstrike on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. The attack has been ordered a day after the Ukrainian troops sheltered in the Azovstal plant rejected the Russian Armed Forces’ ultimatum to lay down their arms. According to the Mariupol City Council, more than a thousand civilians are sheltering under the plant together with the soldiers.


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