Agreeing on Budgets with Bildu “freezes the blood” of the victims

The president of the PP, Pablo Married, has criticized the support of EH Bildu to the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022 and has ensured that “agree” with that formation the public accounts “freezes the blood” of ETA victims and it shows that the PSOE suffers a “moral eclipse”.

Casado visited the Memorial Center for the Victims of Terrorism this Monday in Vitoria and this Monday afternoon he will preside over a board of directors of the PP of the Basque Country in Bilbao.

Upon leaving his visit, the president of the popular has been very critical of the agreements reached on budgetary matters by the central government and EH Bildu, a formation that already supported the PGE of 2021 and that this Monday announced that it will also support the 2022 budgets.

In his opinion, the support of the sovereignist coalition for public accounts is a situation that “defines an aimless project in which power is only pursued for power’s sake by Pedro Sánchez “.

“Better to lose votes than to lose your soul”

Casado recalled the words of one of the sons of the socialist Fernando Múgica, assassinated by ETA in 1996, when he said that it is “better to lose votes than to lose the soul”, and has considered that “to agree with Bildu is to lose the democratic soul of a politic party”.

You cannot agree with Bildu neither for the investiture nor for the budgets, neither for the Navarra Foral Community nor for a future Basque Government “, he stressed.

In this sense, and in the same line of what has already been raised on other occasions when referring to this question, it has been asked if “anyone would understand” that heads of State or Government of other countries, such as France, Italy or the United States, agreed with the “political arms” of terrorist organizations that have acted in those states or with those who “justify” the attacks that have been committed there.

Ask Sánchez to be “consistent”

The leader of the PP has asked the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who “is consistent with his own word”, given that “he went to the elections two years ago saying that he would never agree with Bildu.”

“What has changed in the PSOE so that they are agreeing on the budgets with five deputies headed by a convicted person of terrorism, such as Mertxe Aizpurua, for being the director of ‘Egin’ and pointing out from there the constitutionalist politicians who later ended up being assassinated and extorted for the terrorist gang ETA? “, he asked himself.

After asking himself “what moral eclipse is the Socialist Party suffering?”, A formation with “fourteen victims among its councilors”, Casado has criticized that the Prime Minister considers EH Bildu “another party”.

In his opinion, it is necessary “reflect on what is happening in Spain”, a reflection that, as he has said, should be done “out of respect for the families of the murdered, the extorted, the mutilated, the kidnapped and, above all, out of respect for our democracy.” “You cannot agree with the terrorists or the budgets, or amendments, or anything,” he reiterated.

For the leader of the ‘popular’, “the most serious thing is that lately there are political forces that consider that it is possible to agree with the political heirs of Batasuna and that is something that we cannot tolerate.”

“It cannot be tolerated that confessed and convicted ETA members like Arnaldo Otegi give us lessons and say that they can agree on legislation with the PSOE in exchange for 200 criminals being released in the future,” he has sentenced.

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