Afghan women denounce disappearances while demonstrating against the Taliban

Surrounded by laws and persecuted if they demonstrate, Afghan women are undaunted and They continue to take to the streets to denounce the reduction in their rights since the Taliban seized power six months ago.

record their protests and they spread it on social networks as a knock to the consciences of the international society to which they ask for help, but in return they risk their lives day after day with their tireless courage.

Three women, Shabana, Munisa and Zakia, face a TVE team and denounce the arbitrary arrests and disappearances. “Three of us were captured. Nobody knows where they are, but we are going to continue, “says Zakia. Her partner adds:” I am proud, I know that one day they may kill me or kidnap me, but I am not afraid, I fight for my rights.

They demand to recover their rights

Women have experienced a setback in their rights since the Taliban came to power in mid-August, with the impossibility of many of them to return to their jobsjo, or closure for female high school students.

Meanwhile, the Taliban government signs laws that further restrict their freedoms and makes vain promises of inclusion, according to the women. “Everything has changed and everything for the worse,” explains Munisa about the extreme situation they are going through.

This activist sleeps every day in a different place for fear of being arrested and it is one of those that organizes the protests. But she has wanted to speak publicly to insist that writing messages of support for Afghan women on social networks “is useless” because what they need is “a serious plan” that will restore their dignity. The courage is already put by them.

UN welcomes release of 4 missing Afghan women

Afghan activists and the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) celebrated this Sunday the release of four women linked to protests in recent monthsmissing for days and even weeks after allegedly being detained by the Taliban.

The activists who have disappeared so far are Tamana Paryani, Parwana Ibrahimkhail, Mursal Ayar and Zahra Mohammadi, the latter two arrested on February 3, days after attending a protest in favor of educational and labor rights for women.

“The social activists have been released, after being detained by the Taliban government, and have returned to their homes,” journalist and human rights defender Fauzia Wahdat told Efe.
Ibrahimkhail stated, in statements to the Afghan media Tolo and after having disappeared about twenty days ago, that she was detained by the Taliban and claimed to be in good health.

UNAMA welcomed the women’s release, having conveyed to the Taliban’s interim foreign minister the world’s outrage at their disappearance.

“The UN welcomes encouraging reports that the four ‘disappeared’ Afghan activists‘, some whose whereabouts have been unknown for weeks, are being able to return home. Their well-being and safety are of the utmost importance,” UNAMA said on Twitter.

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