Adoptive dad of fugitive US sex offender Nicholas Rossi breaks silence as he claims cops have the right man

The adoptive dad of fugitive US sex offender Nicholas Rossi has said that the authorities have the right man.

Engelbert Humperdinck impersonator David Rossi, 63, is prepared to travel to Scotland from his home in Rhode Island to identify him.

Nicholas, 34, who was found hiding in Glasgow in December, faces extradition to the US for charges of rape and fraud.

The convicted sex offender has created a fake person with an English accent, claiming he is “Arthur Knight”.

David Rossi with Nicholas Rossi’s mother Diana in 1995 with Engelbert Humperdinck

Speaking from his home in Rhode Island, David said: “That is him.

“I know my son, he is trying everything possible to get out of this.

“That English accent is all bull.”

Nicholas is due at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday in the latest hearing in a bid to extradite him to the US to face allegations that he raped a 21-year-old ex-girlfriend in Utah in 2008.

Nicholas Rossi (also known as Nicholas Brown)
Nicholas Rossi (also known as Nicholas Brown)

He also stands accused of sexually assaulting others in Ohio, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and is facing further charges of defrauding a foster dad out of £146,000.

David added: “He needs to pay for what he did to these poor girls and conning that man out of the money.”

David met Nicholas’s waitress mum Diana in 1994 when he was performing his Humperdinck tribute act.

The couple wed in 1996 and he adopted her three children including Nicholas and his younger siblings Joseph and Diandra.

They separated and divorced in 2003.

David said of his son: “He is sick. He was very manipulative as a child. Everything had to be his way of him.”

Nicholas was arrested while being treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow for Covid-19.

He claims his lungs are severely scarred, meaning he must be hooked up to an oxygen cylinder and use a wheelchair.

The Sunday Mail previously revealed that Nicholas fled from Ireland to England, used an Irish accent and wed Miranda in 2020.

He then faked his own death to cancer in America as authorities closed in.

We also revealed how in 2020, while using the name Nicholas Brown, he scammed a Canadian TV star out of $40,000 by claiming he would market her business in the UK and set up a fraudulent company in Miranda’s brother’s name.

David Rossi, adoptive father of Nicholas Rossi
David Rossi, adoptive father of Nicholas Rossi

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The couple moved to Scotland in May last year with Nicholas adopting an English accent and the name “Arthur Knight”, and renting a flat.

David added: “If I had the means and the money I would come to Scotland.

“I would say to his face, ‘Nicky, tell them who you are. Cut the bull and face the consequences and serve your time.’”

In 2008 Nicholas was convicted of attacking a student at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.

He was fined and put on the sex offenders’ register for the indecency.

Nicholas has refused to speak to Sunday Mail journalists.

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