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Adele held a special concert in London that was broadcast by the British television network ITV this Saturday, called An audience with Adele. The characteristic of the performance is that the singer herself could interact with the audience and answer their questions to create a close environment. What the artist did not expect was to receive the surprise of the teacher who, according to her, “changed her life.”

During the evening, actress Emma Thompson had the opportunity to ask Adele a question that managed to move her. “When you were little, did you have someone to support you, protect you from all the adversities of life and inspire you to move on?” Asked the interpreter. Adele began to get emotional when talking about her teacher McDonald, who taught her the subject of English, (Language and Literature in Spain) for a year.

“She left when I was in eighth grade. She was only there for a year, but it made me love literature. I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write my lyrics. But she also did street dancing, and it was so fucking cool “, he counted to the present assistants. She went on to rave about her childhood teacher: “She was so amazing. She made us care and we knew she cared about us. She used to wear a lot of gold bracelets and wore sequins. So fucking cool. You could relate to she and I really lived waiting for the English classes to come. “

At that moment, Thomson, followed the singer’s roll and anticipated the moment of the night: “It is quite strange, in fact it is funny …” And Adele when looking at the stage could not believe the surprise: Miss McDonald was there among those present. “Is he here? He’s here tonight!” She said excitedly as she watched her go up on stage.

“I didn’t know you were coming”

Adele burst into tears with emotion and melted with her teacher in a hug. “You are incredible darling, I am very proud of you,” McDonald would say to him and Adele would reply, still surprised: “I didn’t know you were coming.” “Sure, it was supposed to be a surprise,” his teacher replied.

After this warm reunion, Adele asked her teacher about her life, if she continued teaching. “You are as always,” he repeated. McDonald told him that at that time he was dedicated to taking care of his children, who were also there enjoying the concert. “Don’t cry, thank you, thank you very much for remembering me,” McDonald would say. “No, really, you changed my life,” Adele said. “Mom, can you believe this,” she expressed incredulous and asked the teacher to resume contact.

“How are you? I have not seen you since I was 12 years old. Do you have children?” The singer asked nervously and McDonald summarized her life. “OMG I’m super happy you’re here.” They then said goodbye with a big hug: “Bye, Miss,” Adele said. “Goodbye darling,” the teacher replied. “I have all the books from when you taught me. Can I ask you for the phone number to keep in touch,” the artist insisted as she was already getting off the stage.

The emotional moment immediately went viral on Twitter and thousands of users thanked the teachers for their work and applauded the singer’s performance.

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