“Addicted people make up for deficiencies by buying”

When shopping becomes an addiction it becomes a problem and serious. After Christmas, January arrives and with it the long-awaited and traditional sales: the succulent discounts with which stores try to extend the peak of their sales after frantic weeks.

Consumer associations insist: you have to buy with your head, but what happens when this is not possibleWhen does shopping become an addiction? According to a study by the University of Granada, “the number of compulsive shopping addicts is increasing as well as the negative consequences it can have for those who suffer from it”.

Maira, Natalia and Javier have suffered from this addiction

In The Hour of the 1 We approach three people who have suffered it, and to whom this disorder has made them exceed all limits. Maira started to buy compulsively with only 15 years. The tagged items were piling up in her closet. Among his belongings he had objects that he could not even unwrap. The problem was increasing to the point of hiding her purchases so that they would not discover her at home. He even stole money from his mother.

Her addiction ran rampant when she started working as a clerk in a clothing store. At that time, Maira had four bank cards. He spent more than 10,000 euros that he is still paying today.

Natalia went through this same addiction, but in his case the amount of money he squandered was greater. He spent his entire inheritance on trips, cars and houses valued at more than two million euros: “Addiction tore my life apart“, recognize.

In case of Javier it is not far from the previous ones. You could spend 2,500 euros on clothes in a single morning, “it was like a high“He says. His disorder caused him to be fired from work.

“Addicted people make up for deficiencies by buying”

Anton Duran, an addiction expert from la Foundation ‘Hay Salida’, inquires where the greatest danger of this type of addiction is and how to overcome it: “Addicted people get into family and social problems. The purchase has to be short, we make them carry a list and for a long time of treatment they are given controls the money, “he explained.

The reasons behind these addictions are various, but generally, people who suffer from it meet a series of patterns: “Addicted people make up for deficiencies by buying. They have to do with a feeling of the person, of inadequacy, their self-concept is lower. Buying makes them feel better. If a person has a good stability, when he sees that the purchases are giving him problems, he will remedy it, “the expert concluded.

Tricks and strategies that stores use to attract buyers

The smell of a certain place, the music that plays while deciding what to buy or the speed when it comes to being served, are factors that influence the customer’s final purchase decision.

The rhythm at which the music of a venue is set determines our mode of purchase. Antonio Tirado, from the Content department of The Sensory Lab: “Both the rates and the volumes influence the attitude to buy. If they are faster rates, the customer’s purchase accelerates,” says the expert.

Elise dion, is a perfumer and is dedicated to creating exclusive aromas for each brand: “Everything that is a citrus note evokes freedom and fruity notes to young people,” he explains

Attracting the consumer by appealing to the senses is the most effective marketing strategy to stimulate sales.


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