Ada Colau to Yolanda Díaz: “You never wanted to be president or world leader, but it was your turn. Spain needs you ”| Catalonia

A week after the act in Valencia in which the policies of the left (without anyone from Podemos on stage) claimed the leadership of Yolanda Díaz, the Commons of Catalonia have demanded this Sunday that the second vice president be the great leader of the Spanish left and the candidate for the presidency in the next general elections. The III Assembly of Catalunya en Comú has also served to vindicate the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, as the only undisputed and unrivaled leader of the party in Catalonia. Díaz has returned the glove to Colau and has publicly asked her to “take up the challenge of being the mayor of Barcelona again in 2023.”

In this new act of vindication of Díaz as the candidate of the left and successor of Pablo Iglesias, Podemos has participated, but with a low profile. The general secretary, Ione Belarra, has sent a recorded message while the secretary of the Organization Lilith Verstrynge, and the deputy spokesperson of United We Can in Congress, Sofía Castañón, have attended.

Díaz has been received by the hundreds of assistants of the assembly at the headquarters of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) in Barcelona shouting “president, president.” The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, spoke directly to the vice president: “Yolanda, be the working woman that you are. Are you real. I know that you have not looked for it, you have never wanted to be president, you have never wanted to be a world leader, but it has touched you. Spain needs leadership like Yolanda Díaz ”.

In her speech, the leader of Catalunya en Comú in the Parliament of Catalonia, Jéssica Albiach, did not say a word about the Catalan budget. He did praise the vice president: “Yolanda is counting on Catalonia to transform Spain. The time has come to weave alliances because the victories of some will be the conquests of all ”.

Alberto Garzón, the Minister of Consumption and leader of the United Left, has also supported Díaz’s candidacy: “Today we symbolize a country alternative, a social alternative. A person like Yolanda represents us all. We have a political opportunity so that we always keep in mind that what is important is what and not who ”. The IU leader recalled the “program, program, program,” of Julio Anguita and added: “Sooner rather than later we will be able to enjoy victories that will transform Spain into a republican”.

The dissonant point that Díaz’s leadership has not claimed has come from the hand of Belarra, who in her recorded speech has not addressed any message to the vice president and has declared: “Our political space is cooperation and not competition.”

During the ceremony this Sunday, Díaz has let himself be loved and has launched a speech that, if it was not, seemed like a candidate: “Catalonia contributes 32 deputies and we have to count on these deputies to change the country. The bipartisanship is over now. We have to reach out to show that all Catalans are essential to change people’s lives. We need you like never before ”. The second vice president also recalled the great challenges that lie ahead: “Today EL PAÍS has published the report ‘The great resignation”. Something is happening. Workers leave jobs because they want decent wages, decent conditions. Before December 31, we are going to change the lives of the workers of this country. The alternative is none other than decent work, decent wages and decent lives ”.

Endorsement of Colau’s leadership after four resignations

The III National Assembly of Catalonia in Comú held this weekend in Barcelona has concluded as the script indicated and this Sunday the only candidacy for the executive headed by Colau herself along with the former mayor of Castelldefels, Candela López, was proclaimed , and the leader in the Parliament, Jéssica Albiach.
Despite Colau’s show of force, days before the assembly four members of Podem have resigned as members of Catalunya en Comú: Antonio Barbarà, Rosa Cañadasll, Ramon Franquesa and Diosdado Toledano, accusing the formation of moving away from the demands, objectives and concerns of social organization movements. The four resigned maintain their militancy in Podem and criticize the party led by Colau for the absence of channels of participation and the immersion of Catalunya en Comú in the old practices of politics.

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