A total of 76 candidates opt for the Golden Drum 2022



Saint Sebastian


Izaro, Maialen Chourraut, Felix Zubia, Toschack, Maixabel Lasa or La Duquesa de Alba, in addition to the realists Mikel Oyarzabal, Imanol Alguacil and Nerea Eizagirre are eligible for the award.

A total of 76 candidatures proposed by the Donostiarras opt for the Tambor de Oro 2022, as announced this Friday by the San Sebastián City Council.

The General Secretariat of the City Council has completed the process of analysis and validation of the final candidatures, which amount to 76, once those that did not meet the requirements have been eliminated.

After the process of analysis of the proposals, the file will be referred to the Board of Spokespersons, which will have a deadline between November 29 and December 3 to select a maximum of three applications who opt for the final vote, or in the event of a great consensus -qualified majority, that is, 18 out of 27 councilors- directly designate the winner.

Among the names proposed there are relevant figures from the cultural field such as filmmakers Borja Cobeaga and Woody Allen, the musicians Bruce Springsteen, Iñaki Salvador and Mikel Erentxun, and the artists Esther Ferrer, Julian Schnabel and the late Eduardo Chillida.

The writer Fernando Aramburu, and the cooks Juan María Arzak and Karlos Arguiñano They also appear in the list of candidates that, once again, includes several names linked to the Royal Society, including that of their coach, Imanol Sheriff, that of midfielder Mikel Oyarzabal, and that of former captain Xabi Prieto.

The canoeist Maialen Chorraut and the Guipuzcoan rider Lucas Eguibar also appear in the contest in which several sports clubs also appear, such as the Bera Bera for women’s handball or UR Kirolak.

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The director of the San Sebastián Film Festival, José Luis Rebordinos, the Orfeón Donostiarra, the BCBL and the Eureka Science Museum are other applicants for the 2022 Gold Drum, along with Isabel Verdini, director of the integrated dance company by children with Down syndrome.

Maixabel Lasa, widow of Juan María Jáuregui, the civil governor of Gipuzkoa assassinated by ETA, the journalists Aimar Bretos or Emma García, the designer Isabel Zapardiez and the forensic Francisco Etxeberria They are also among the 76 candidatures that also include, posthumously, the Duchess of Alba.

Check the full list of candidates:

– Aimar Bretos

– Álvaro Martínez Bueno

– Dravet Support Association

– Kañoyetan Gastronomic Society Association

– ATECE Gipuzkoa

– Aurora Intxausti


– Begoña del Teso

– BerriUp SL, Startup Accelerator

– Borja Cobeaga

– Bruce Springsteen

– Club Deportivo Bera Bera women’s handball

– Kemen Sports Club for people with disabilities

– Cristina Enea Foundation

– Donostia Rowing Friends Club

– Eduardo Chillida or a member of his family on his behalf

– Elena Auzmendi Leveque

– Emma Garcia

– Esther Ferrer

– Eureka! Science Museum. Kutxabank.

– Felix Zubia

– Fernando Aramburu

– Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo

– Giovanna Santamaría Martín

– Imanol Alguacil

– Musician Iñaki Salvador

– Iñigo Agustín Ansa Rodriguez

– Iñigo Asturias

– Ion Aramendi

– Isabel Verdini Carranza

– Isabel Zapardiez

– Izaro Andrés

– Javier Fernandez

– Javier Korta

– John Benjamin Toshack

– Jon Santacana Maeztegui

– Jose Edmundo Alonso Arnedo

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– José Luis Rebordinos

– José María Leclercq Saiz

– Josefa Berasategi Etxeberria

– Josetxo Mayor

– Juan Aguirre

– Juan Mari Arzak

– Julian Schnabel

– Karlos Arguiñano

– The Duchess of Alba

– Lucas Eguibar Breton

– Maialen Chourraut

– Maialen Landia

– Maite Sabadell Gonzalez

– Maixabel Lasa

– Maria Teresa Gaztañaga Garcia

– Miguel Angel Moyá Rumbo

– Mikel Arteta

– Mikel Erentxun

– Mikel Oyarzabal

– Musealia Exhibitions & Museums Sl

– Nerea Eizagirre

– Nordic Walking Donostia Urban Association

– Orfeón Donostiarra

– Pablo Feijoo

– Peio Aldazabal Bardají

– Radio Donosti

– Rafael Aguirre Franco

– Raul Garcia Puerto

– Real Club Nautico de San Sebastian

– Aldabaldetreku Tailoring

– SDN Water Sports

– Union Artesana Society

– Tito Irazusta

– Tomás Hernández Mendizabal

– Ulia Flower Gardens Environmental Association

– Vicente Rastrillas

– Woody Allen

– Xabier Anduaga

– Xabier Prieto


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