A sudden change of weather will mark this week

A mass of cold air coming from high latitudes will lead to snowfall at low altitudes from this Tuesday and a “sudden and important” temperature drop, which will be reinforced by the formation of a storm in the Mediterranean with instability and rains, after an almost summery Easter, with higher than normal temperatures in most of Spain.

It is one of those sudden weather changes common in springwhich is going from a summer situation to a clearly winter one “with winter temperatures more typical of the end of February and the beginning of March”, has advanced Rubén Del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Falling temperatures and rain in the north of Galicia and Cantabrian

Thus, he forecasts that between Tuesday and Wednesday the showers may be accompanied by hail and even be in the form of snow at not very high levels for this time of year from about 700 to 900 meters from the second half of the week.

With more uncertainty, he hopes, probably It will be an Atlantic storm that will leave rains in large areas of the Peninsulawith temperatures that will gradually recover, although for a good part of the week they will already be below normal values ​​for the time.

This situation will contrast with the temperatures of this Sunday, which were typical of the beginning of June and that will change this Tuesday and Wednesday to values ​​typical of the end of February or the beginning of March in large areas of the territory.

Instability increases from Wednesday

This Wednesday instability will increase in almost the entire country with heavy rains in the north, center and east of the Peninsula, without ruling out snowfalls in the mountains of the extreme north; Given this situation, the Aemet has activated the yellow warning (risk) in Aragón and Castilla-La Mancha due to heavy rains, and in La Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha due to snowfall.

Del Campo has detailed that this day, temperatures plummet with “a noticeable and even extraordinary drop”, with 10 degrees less in the north and in the center of the peninsula; in provincial capitals such as, for example, Valladolid they will go from 24 degrees today to 12 degrees tomorrow, Burgos from 18 to 8 degrees and in Madrid from 26-27 degrees to 16 degrees.

According to the Snow coverwill be located that day in the Bay of Biscay at 1,000/1,400 meters going down to 900/1,400 meters, in the Pyrenees and Iberian and Central systems between 1,400/.2,000 meters going down to 900/1,400 meters and in the southeast at 1,800/2,000 meters.

Wednesday is expected rainfall almost generalized by the stormwhich can be strong or persistent in a wide area of ​​Castellón, Tarragona and eastern Aragón, without ruling out Murcia or Alicante, and will be accompanied by occasional storms in large areas of the Peninsula such as the Balearic Islands, Estrecho and Alborán.

That day, the elevation will be in the western Cantabrian between 700/900 meters rising to 900/1,200 meters, in the western Pyrenees at 700/1,000 meters rising to 1,000/1,400 meters, in the eastern Pyrenees 1,000/1,600 meters rising to 1,200/1,800 meters , in the Iberian between 900/1,200 meters, in the Central System between 700/1,000 meters rising to 1,000/1,400 meters and in the southeast to 1,000/1,400 meters.

falling temperatures

The temperatures will continue to drop in almost the entire country with values ​​between 5 and 10 degrees below normal for this time of year in large areas of the country and between 10 and 15 degrees less in southern Aragon and eastern Castilla-La Mancha, the spokesman said.

The Thursday will be “a day of transition between the Mediterranean storm that is leaving and an Atlantic storm that is arriving” to the coasts of Galicia so, that day, weak rains are likely in Galicia, which will spread to nearby areas.

The most abundant will fall in the Central system, north of Extremadura and south of Castilla y León, as well as in western Galicia, areas where it will continue to rain over the weekend, although on Sunday they will be limited to the northwest.

As of Friday, Del Campo pointed out, the rains will spread throughout the west and center of the country and the situation of instability and rains will probably continue throughout the weekend.


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