A neighbor from Ourense confesses that she killed a man with whom she met on the internet | Spain

Civil Guard agents inspect a property in Cortegada (Ourense) where human remains were found.
Civil Guard agents inspect a property in Cortegada (Ourense) where human remains were found.Rosa Veiga – Europa Press (Europa Press)

A 26-year-old woman from Ourense confessed this Wednesday that she killed and burned a 53-year-old man whom she met on an online dating page and with whom she established a relationship. The victim moved from Barcelona to the village of Os Rabiños, located in the municipality of Cortegada with just 1,000 inhabitants, and was listed as missing since August 27, seven days after arriving in Galicia.

Cristina RV confessed to the crime before the judge who has assumed the investigation of the case and the judicial secretary, when both accompanied a large device of Civil Guard agents who were inspecting the farm in which late in the afternoon of this Tuesday they found a foot that supposedly belongs to the victim, José María RZ

Cristina has detailed the judge who killed the man on the night of August 24 after an argument. He stated that he administered tranquilizers and, once asleep, suffocated him with a pillow. At that moment, he thought he had to dispose of the body and decided to burn her body to scatter her remains on the land surrounding the house where the woman lived.

The investigation started when the young woman went to see her psychiatrist at the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense (CHUO). There, at first, he said that he burned the body of a man he had met through the internet. The woman then said that she had only disposed of the body when she found the dead man in her home and that, due to nerves, she decided to burn his body and bury part of the remains on a farm, while another part would have thrown them into the ground. River.

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When the Civil Guard was informed by the hospital doctors, the young woman testified hours later before the agents and was arrested. The statement of the alleged murderer will now have to be ratified in court. Meanwhile, tracking work continues at the home and on the farms surrounding the house where biological remains such as an arm and several fingers have been found, according to sources from the investigation.

The Mossos were looking for the victim since the mother of the deceased notified after verifying that four days after traveling to Galicia, precisely on the day of the murder, his mobile stopped giving signal. The search became a homicide investigation at the time the woman confessed to her doctor burning the body.

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This Tuesday the protocol for these situations was activated and the Civil Guard, with its judicial and criminalistic units and with the collaboration of trained dogs, went to the scene with the detainee to carry out an inspection and try to find human remains. The woman, present at all times, maintained a collaborative attitude, according to Civil Guard sources.

However, for the moment, the detainee has not explained the motive for the crime. He has limited himself to explaining that he met the victim through a contact website in the summer months. With the intention of meeting and establishing a relationship, the man traveled to Cortegada on August 20 and according to the alleged murderer confesses, the crime was committed four days later.

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The Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, has ensured that the crime is under investigation and has advocated “letting the State security forces and bodies work to obtain all possible information on the case.”


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